Spring Cleaning

Continuing my efforts to rejuvenate this blog, and get back to writing more about what it was originally intended to be, I’m deleting old posts that were unrelated to the “reading and writing” theme. Ironically one of the most-read posts here pertained to some sports-related controversy from last summer’s track & field world championships, but that’s not really want I want this blog to be about.

So, before I move forward, I’m going to shove a big pile of junk out to the curb where the trash guy can pick it up. Whew, that feels a lot better.

Also, I’m poking around with new blog themes, and yes I realize the blog has a “generic” banner image but I’m not going to choose a definite, permanent banner that’s really my own until I choose a specific blog theme… because the different themes all have different sized spaces for banner images.

Coming next… Science Fiction Academy 02!

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