Q: What do writers like to do more than writing?

Q: What do writers like to do more than write?

A: Talk about writing!

I’ve always been the solitary sort of writer, whether it was my teen writing efforts, or my “serious” (in retrospect, uptight) literary writing in my twenties, or even more recently. I always read other writers talking about how wonderful Clarion was, or how much fun they have at their weekly/monthly writer’s groups.

OK then. I’ve signed up for a writer’s weekend on the Washington coast. Sort of like a French restaurant called “French restaurant” this writer’s weekend workshop is called “Writer’s Weekend.”


This thing is in late July, in Moclips, Washington (have never been there — all my NW beach visits have always been Oregon beaches, except once I went to Aberdeen or Hoquiam or something for a few hours — not good). It will include a couple of “writer gurus,” local Portland-based sci-fi-and-fantasy-award-winning-fancy-pants, Jay Lake and David Levine.

I’m somewhat familiar with the work of both guys, and I’ll probably read up a bit more so by the time I meet them I can say something better than “Yeah, I read this one story by you six months ago and if I remember correctly, I thought it was really great.” Actually that’s a smart-ass-ish bit of untruth, as I’ve read multiple short stories by each guy (hard to avoid seeing a Jay Lake short story if you’ve ever bought a single SF magazine or anthology, like ever), and I have two of Jay’s books on my “really oughtta read some time soon” pile. Probably I’ll bump those up and get a copy of David’s cool-looking short story collection.

By my count there may yet be one slot available in the 15 person (not counting gurus) workshop, so if you live nearby here and want to give it a go, then give it a go!

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about it as it draws nearer, and particularly during and after. If any of you fellow Writer’s Weekend workshoppers have followed the link in my bio and stumbled over here… hello!

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