What I really Meant to Say

I fired up ScribeFire and posted those two quick entries just to test it out, but I forgot I actually had something I meant to blog about.

I’m about halfway through Singularity Sky by Charles Stross, and though it started off fairly well, I’m finding it increasingly dull. None of the characters matter to me at all, and I feel I only barely know the two main characters. The rest are just a series of names, often without a single defining characteristic (aside from the senile old coot who thinks his legs have turned to glass for some reason). There are long stretches of political back-and-forth without apparent consequence. The scenes of military maneuvering and battle have a few nifty tech tidbits mixed in, but otherwise fairly flat, as if the outcome is always a foregone conclusion.

Am I nuts here? This fucking book was nominated for a Hugo award, but I don’t get it. Not a terrible book, but sort of a C-plus so far, as far as I can tell. Anybody out there who’s read Singularity Sky and can point out some angle I’m missing?

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