Coming Up: 200 Proof Storytelling

Writing-wise, I’ve been churning along lately. Keeping busy, starting some new stories and revisiting some old ones. Trying to take a slightly different approach to voice and POV. Lena, my wife, has been a big help as a first reader. She’s helped me figure out where I’m accomplishing what I intended, and where I’m not. Fiction writing is always a pretty solitary pursuit and I don’t mind that, but I’ve been giving some thought to trying to engage some kind of outside connection. Maybe join an online critique group, or some kind of local workshop. As I was mulling this over, I saw an announcement for this online “intensive” workshop through Chuck Palahniuk’s web site. They’ve had a series of these 4-week or 6-week intensives, and this one is led by Craig Clevenger, author of Dermaphoria and The Contortionist’s Handbook. Craig’s wikipedia page is here for more info.

Announcement for 200 Proof Storytelling Feb 2011.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m looking forward to a bit of challenge, as I seem to do my best work under deadline, or for a contest, or within imposed restrictions. I’ll post about it here, at least a little bit, as time allows.

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