“The Lure of Devouring Light” Upcoming in Apex Magazine

Maybe you’re sick of seeing another entry in this blog announcing a new story acceptance. Let me tell you, though… after such a long dry spell, the flurry of story acceptances this past two months has been most welcome. I don’t imagine I’ll ever get tired of reading editorial messages that say “I like your work and want to publish it!”

This morning, the latest good news arrived from Apex Magazine. Editor Lynne Thomas accepted my story “The Lure of Devouring Light,” which should appear in 2013. Here’s the cover of their latest issue, released today.

All the acceptances so far have been special and important in their different ways. Sometimes it’s a matter of the acceptance coming at the right time, or being from a publication you believe in, or the story might be a perfect fit for a themed anthology. The significance of this one will be obvious to anyone who follows the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres.

Those of you who aren’t SF/F/H geeks might be wondering why I’m so excited. Apex Magazine is a very prominent, professional level monthly publication. It’s a nominee for this year’s Hugo award for “Best Semiprozine.” My upcoming appearance there will be highly visible. Given the quality of talent usually published in Apex, I’m likely to be rubbing elbows with established authors. Different writers have their own priorities for where they’d like to appear, but I think it’s safe to say that most writers of interesting speculative/fantastic fiction would rank Apex among the handful of most prestigious places to land their work.

I’ll offer more information as publication day approaches.

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