NecronomiCon Dinner With Lovecraftians

The first event that really let us know NecronomiCon Providence was getting into full swing was the dinner at McCormack and Schmick’s restaurant on the ground floor of the Biltmore Hotel, where most of us were staying. A few of us casually clowned-around in the hotel lobby, and Tom Lynch started murmuring about dinner.

In the first photo, Tom Lynch(L) and Mike Davis (R) get ready to rassle in the foreground, while behind them Peter Rawlik and Joe Pulver enter into a tender embrace.


If you were within range of my camera at this moment, that meant you were cool enough to be invited to McCormack and Schmick’s by Tom Lynch of Miskatonic River Press, fine publisher of such tomes as The Grimscribe’s Puppets, A Season in Carcosa, and more. Tom’s treat!

Let the following image serve as proof of the deep silliness on display among this crowd. Lady Lovecraft appears in the background here.


We managed to persuade this nice restaurant to give a large table to a bunch of roughnecks and buffoons. They even treated us like normal patrons.

In the next picture, Sam Cowan (L) displays his copy of The Grimscribe’s Puppets, opposite me, uploading photos from my phone, while in the background Boss Tom Lynch and bEast Pulver tell Sam “what’s what” as far as that Grimscribe’s book. Sitting between Sam and Tom is David Rankus.


At this stage, Sam is talking about possibly getting some writers to sign the book.

I mentioned I’d never signed a book before, which provoked a bit of discussion, mockery, amazement, etc. I ended up signing many books over the weekend (not sure how many — a few dozen at least) but Sam Cowan received the first. See inscription below.

I joked with him that if — when! — I’m hugely famous, the book will be worth $8 million, and he’ll be especially glad he attended this dinner!


Lady Lovecraft took this photo across the table — so you can’t see her, but that’s Blair Leggett and Sam Cowan.


Also present… Cthulhu himself!

This video, provided by Mike Davis of Lovecraft eZine, gives a good idea of the zany atmosphere. They’re trying to convince Cthulhu to eat one of his own distant relatives.

Mike also took this picture from his end of the table, primarily focusing on the back of Peter Rawlik’s head, and Mike’s own empty seat.

On the left, that’s Vince LaRosa and Blair Leggett. Behind Blair you can almost see Sam’s red shirt.

At the head of the table is the Boss, the Man, the Honcho… Tom Lynch.

On the right, Lady Lovecraft has her head turned, then Lena, then me, then Jeffrey Thomas.


Dinner was very good, if a bit excessive. Tom told the waiter which appetizers interested us, and allowed said waiter to decide what quantity of appetizers was appropriate for a table of our size. I think we ended up with 15 or more appetizers… a bit much! The bacon-wrapped shrimp were damn good, though, and I’m always fond of crab cakes and calamari.

Very fine company, a tons of fun. Our sincere thanks to Tom Lynch and Miskatonic River Press for making this happen, bringing us all together, and footing the sizable bill!

2 thoughts on “NecronomiCon Dinner With Lovecraftians

  1. Yes, that photo was slightly less than perfect! Still I wanted to include it because it shows almost everyone present. Thanks for sharing that, and the video, Mike.

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