Far From Streets Available for Pre-Order

The prior announcement was not a hoax. FAR FROM STREETS is now ready to pre-order! It’s only $7, though I think that’s is an introductory deal, and the price will increase soon. I’ve referred to this as a chapbook, but it’s actually a full novella, over 100 pages, not some little pamphlet.

"Far From Streets," a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press
“Far From Streets,” a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press


I’ve described FAR FROM STREETS as “Antichrist meets The Willows.” It’s a weird tale of relationship disintegration, and the beguiling and terrifying aspects of wilderness.

This book is a limited edition, and we expect (hope) it will go out of print fairly quickly. If you’re interested in getting one, be ready to order in a super-duper hurry.

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