A Triple-Good Day For a Writer

A few things happen today, each of which counts as a quantum of “writer success.”

A new interview with Laird Barron by the guys at Miskatonic Musings was posted today,
HERE. I listened through about the 30 minute mark, but then had to depart for the day job, where I can’t listen to podcasts with naughty words and discussions of naughty bits freezing up. My wife informs me that Laird mentions me near the end, so that makes me pretty happy, since Laird is a towering, city-stomping monster of a weird fiction writer, and a very wise fella when it comes to recommending new talent.

Item number two, in other Laird Barron related news, is Laird’s latest blog post, New Blood, in which he lists a number of emerging writers who are constitute a sort of new generation “helping reshape the contours of modern horror.” My name is on the list, so I’m double-happy.

Third thing, I just received an acceptance email and contract and payment, all within a few minutes of each other, for a story to appear in A Mythos Grimmly. The anthology is a sort of crossover between Lovecraftiana and traditional fables. My story, “The Apprentice, the Muse and the Mancer,” is a bit of a departure. Also, though I don’t do this writing thing for the money, I did receive the largest-ever single paycheck for a story. Here’s to bigger and bigger checks, and more publications!

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