Mythos and Music Panel at CthulhuCon 2015

At the CthulhuCon just completed here in Portland, I moderated a panel called “Mythos and Music.” Panelists left to right included myself (Michael Griffin), Kelly Young, Mike Dalager, Edward Morris and Nathan Carson. It’s already been posted about and discussed at length on Facebook, but I wanted to create a centralized, permanent repository of photos and video, since things tend to become buried on social media after a short time passes.

MandM panel by Sam Cowan
(photo by Sam Cowan)

As may be apparent from this next photo, the panel’s atmosphere was substantially improved and enlivened by Kelly Young’s excellent decision to bring along a bottle of very good whiskey (The Glenlivet 15 Year, for those keeping score at home).

MandM panel Bawb Hale
(photo by Bawb Hale)

I brought along my laptop to play some MP3s and YouTube music clips provided by the most impressive Nathan Carson. Here’s another angle.

MandM panel Alicia Graves
(photo by Alicia Graves)

The consensus seems to be that the panel discussion was lively and engaging enough.

Here we have video evidence recorded by my wife, Lena Griffin. It’s presented in three parts. The audio level is a bit low, as it’s recorded on a digital camera from the middle of the audience, but if you work the volume controls a bit, you can hear everything.




One of the main things people hope to get out of a panel like this, I think, is a list of new music to explore. We mentioned many examples, across a range of genres. I mostly mentioned ambient-related artists, and thought I might include some of those names here for future reference:

A huge influence of mine, and a very important name in dark ambient.

Now inactive, but interesting and worth pursuing, especially Black Eden

Sleep Research Facility
Quite spooky industrial-influenced drone ambient. One of my favorites.

During the panel I failed to mention Igneous Flame, a Lovecraft-influence ambient project of Pete Kelly. Also, check out Kati Astraeir’s very Lovecraftian cover art for the album Orcus!

My thanks to all my fellow panelists, to the audience for their great questions, and to CthulhuCon’s organizers and volunteers for enabling it to happen.

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