2015 Favorite Reads – The Glittering World by Robert Levy

One of my “2015 Favorite Reads” in the Novel category was Robert Levy’s The Glittering World. I stumbled upon this book when I met Robert at ReaderCon and he (or his publisher?) had the clever idea to hand out a tiny little pamphlet-sized booklet containing the first chapter of the novel. When I got to the airport, that brief sample was enough to hook me on the characters, their history and the setup. I bought the Kindle version of the book as soon as I found my seat on the plane, and read most of it on the flight home.

I ended up recommending this book to many people, and everybody I know who read it has enjoyed it like I did. The Glittering World seems to be one of those rare “can’t miss” recommendations, enjoyed by all and disliked by none.

On Goodreads I said:
A very engaging, character-focused story that hooked me right from the beginning. There are four main characters — Blue, Jason, Elisa and Gabriel — and about a quarter of the book follows the perspective of each. The Glittering World is the first thing I’ve read by Robert Levy, and I enjoyed it so much I’ll definitely seek out his work in the future.


The Glittering World on Goodreads

The Glittering World on Amazon

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