August 14 Lovecraft eZine Video Chat

I will be appearing as a guest on the Sunday, August 14 Lovecraft eZine video chat. If you can’t watch it live, you can always check out the video on YouTube later. I’ll post a link here after it’s available, but for now, the link to access all previous eZine chats in video and audio versions is HERE.

Upcoming eZine podcast schedule:
August 7, 2016: no guest
August 14, 2016: author Mike Griffin
August 21, 2016: Sam Cowan
August 28, 2016: author Philip Fracassi
September 11, 2016: editor Ellen Datlow
September 18, 2016: author Matthew M. Bartlett
September 25, 2016: Carl Sederholm and Jeffrey Weinstock, authors of The Age of Lovecraft
October 1, 2016, at 10pm ET (Saturday): special Halloween episode with Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Thomas
October 23, 2016: author Douglas Wynne

If you’re a regular viewer of the Lovecraft eZine chats, or if you plan to watch to catch my interview, I’ll see you Sunday the 14th!

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