Early 2020 Update

It’s been a few months since I posted here. “Real life” work has been keeping me especially busy. I’ve continued to write steadily, despite nothing having been published recently.

I’ve completed a draft of one novel, and set it aside while I complete a different novel I began early last year. I’ll wait to say more about these until they’re finished, and that will involve lots of revision first.

Speaking of publishing, Armageddon House should be coming from Undertow Publications this May. I haven’t seen cover artwork yet but will share that when it’s available. Undertow always does such beautiful books, with design by Art Director Vince Haig (who recently won the British Fantasy Award), so I can’t wait to see how it turns out. There will be a limited hardcover (edition of just 50 copies) as well as non-limited trade paperback and ebook versions.

In other news, over on Reddit.com the Weird Lit subreddit has a monthly “group read” feature, in which members read and discuss a book chosen by vote. The group read for this month (January 2020) is my first collection, The Lure of Devouring Light. If you think you might enjoy discussing something like this with like-minded others, you should consider checking out the /r/WeirdLit January Discussion Group area over on Reddit. I’ll probably pop in there at some point and offer to answer questions.

What is Armageddon House?

Now that we’ve announced my forthcoming book Armageddon House, coming from Undertow likely in early 2020, I thought I’d say a little about it.

Four people live together, sealed in an underground bunker. None can agree how long they’ve been there, why they’re locked away, or when they’re likely to get out. Fundamental facts of their past and present existence remain perpetually in dispute, leading to a spiral of confusion and conflict.

One may know the answers to everyone’s most important questions, but even he is increasingly unsure.

Armageddon House is a novella of about 21,000 words, so to compare it to my earlier novellas, it’s a bit longer than Far From Streets and shorter than An Ideal Retreat.

Undertow Publications makes such beautiful books, I can’t wait to see what they do with this one.

Armageddon House Coming from Undertow

I’ve been waiting for this to be announced by the publisher so I can start spreading the exciting news. My novella Armageddon House will be published by Undertow Publications.

Undertow is probably best known for anthologies and collections of short stories, especially their Shadows & Tall Trees series (for volume 7 of which Publisher/Editor Michael Kelley won the Shirley Jackson Award for best Edited Anthology in 2017), their Year’s Best Weird Fiction series, Priya Sharma’s All the Fabulous Beasts (which beat my collection The Human Alchemy for the latest Shirley Jackson Award), and Aickman’s Heirs, which won Editor Simon Strantzas a 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Edited Anthology.

Armageddon House is planned as the first novella they’ll release, and will include not only the usual trade paperback and ebook editions, but also a very limited “lettered” edition hardcover of 26 copies only.

Undertow has been doing great stuff all along, but is really hitting its stride in the past few years, putting out more and more beautiful and really vital books. I can’t wait to see what Michael Kelly and the rest of his team do with this! I’ll share more information, like a preview of cover art and a more specific release date, as soon as I can. I’m very excited to work with Undertow, and to see this book released into the world!