Package Deal from Undertow

Undertow Publications is offering this special package deal with my book Armageddon House along with the new collection To Drown in Dark Water by Steve Toase, for $7 off the pair.

Save money! Support independent publishing! Get great books!

Here’s the link:

Jason’s Weird Reads – Top 2020 Books Read

Jason White reviewed Armageddon House on his Jason’s Weird Reads channel on YouTube back in June. You can jump to that review here:

This week, Jason did a year-end summary in which he listed his 10 favorite books of 2020 — which includes not only books published this year, but earlier books he just got around to reading.

It’s wonderful to see Jason listed Armageddon House among his favorites. It’s a ranked list, so you’ll have to watch to see where he placed my book in his top 10 of the year. There are also 5 honorable mentions, so there are really 15 books listed.

I really appreciate Jason’s kind words about my book, and aside from this year-end summary, I suggest people check out the other programming on his YouTube channel.

Late 2020 Update

Mostly I use this blog to share information with other people who may be interested, but another use of something like this is as a sort of diary, so I can look back later and see what I did and when.

Last night I hit a milestone, finishing the first draft of a novel that I first started writing about two years ago. That reminded me it might be a good time to summarize where everything stands with regard to my writing and publishing.

Obviously 2020 has been an absolutely crazy year. It’s been hard to feel like this is what life is supposed to be like, but then we simply have to deal with the circumstances in which we find ourselves, right? The COVID pandemic and the unusually loony and contentious political scene have at times made it difficult to do the things I would normally do. I know I’m not the only writer who has wondered how one could possibly concentrate on telling stories at a time like this. Others have had trouble reading for enjoyment.

While for part of the year, I’ve felt detached from my usual enjoyment of both reading and writing, at other times I’ve been more engaged than ever. There finally exists some hope that the most difficult aspects of 2020 will soon be alleviated.

First, as for publishing, my main published work of this year was Armageddon House, the novella published by Undertow Publications in May. There was a beautiful limited hardcover edition, which quickly sold out, and a trade paperback and ebook which remain available.

Also, a Polish translation appeared recently from Wydawnictwo IX, the first time my work has been published in translation anywhere.

To see more about Armageddon House, you can find all posts on this blog with the Armageddon House tag here:

The only other work that I believe will appear in 2020 is my story “I Wake Up and Remember Myself” which will appear in Vastarien, volume 3, issue 2, a great, big double issue of what is always a reliably interesting periodical, and which this time contains work from many great writers. That issue of Vastarien can be preordered here:

As for writing, in September, I finished a long novelette that is out on submission. I’ll say a lot more about it once it has found a publisher. This was the only project I both started and finished in 2020, taking much of the summer.

So mostly, I started and ended the year writing the first draft of the novel I mentioned earlier. When I hit a point when I didn’t feel like writing new words, I went back to the beginning of the novel and started re-writing from the beginning through about the 1/3 mark, which means that even though I just hit the end of the first draft, much of the novel has been polished a bit, and the rewrite process won’t be quite as long as if I needed to start from the beginning.

In other projects, though it’s not exactly what most people think of as “writing,” I did take brief time-outs during the year to plot and outline a couple of other novels, and I’ve arrived at which one of these I’ll begin writing next year when I get to a good place with the current edits.

That’s all I have to report for now. I’ve been reading a lot, and have encountered some really great books in the past few months, so maybe I’ll write something about those soon.

Polish Edition of Armageddon House

The Polish edition of my novella Armageddon House is being released by publisher Wydawnictwo IX, and is now up for order.

Michael Griffin “Armageddon House” (PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ)

I don’t read Polish, and I’m sure most of the people reading this blog don’t either, but nonetheless I’m very excited to have my work translated for the first time. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to reach many new readers. My thanks to Wydawnictwo IX and translator Tomasz Chyrzyński.

Armageddon House Reviewed At Volume 1 Brooklyn

Volume 1 Brooklyn just posted a very nice review by Tobias Carroll of Armageddon House. Another other things, he says:

Armageddon House may not be the book you’re expecting, but it never stops being gripping — or suggesting greater mysteries around the next corner.”

The link to the review is here:

My sincere thanks to Tobias Carroll and Volume 1 Brooklyn for the review!

Non-Amazon Armageddon House Ebooks

Armageddon House has been available on Kindle ebook format from Amazon since day one, but we now have it available in other ebook formats and from other sellers at the same low price, currently $3.

It’s available now direct from Undertow Publications (MOBI or EPUB):

It’s available now from Smashwords (many formats):

Smashwords also acts as an aggregator, gradually spreading the ebook out to other resellers such as Apple, Kobo, Overdrive and more, so it will soon be available pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold.

Armageddon House Review on HorrorBound

Armageddon House just received a great review by Joe Scipione on HorrorBound.

I don’t want to excerpt too much, but here’s a little something Joe had to say about it:

“One of the top novellas of the year!”

To check out the rest, follow the link:

My thanks to reviewer Joe Scipione and the rest of the team over at!

Up Close With the Armageddon House Limited Hardcover

My author’s copies of the Armageddon House limited hardcover edition arrived a few weeks ago. It happened to be the same afternoon my wife and I had to say goodbye to our beloved 17-year-old cat, so I was too distracted and sad to post anything about it at the time.

Now that a little time has passed… hey, check out this beautiful book! I would love to take credit for this thing, but all the credit goes to Publisher Michael Kelly and Designer Vince Haig of Undertow Publications. Thanks, guys!

Armageddon House hardcover with dust jacket

Armageddon House, leather cover with foil

Armageddon House hardcover, inside front cover

Armageddon House, inside rear cover

Armageddon House hardcover, endpapers

Armageddon House hardcover, embossed title page

This limited hardcover edition sold out right away, but if you’re really determined to grab one of the hardcovers, as of right now you can grab one on at a slight markup HERE.

The ebook and paperback editions can be had inexpensively, and of course, the story is the important thing, right? Having said that, if you find an opportunity to get on the list to obtain these limited hardcovers from Undertow, you’ll then be in an advantaged position to get copies of this publisher’s always-excellent future output. Check out their Limited Editions page here.

A YouTube Review by Well-Read Beard

Well-Read Beard is another reviewer who does YouTube reviews, similar to Jason White who also reviewed Armageddon House not long ago.

If you’d asked me a year ago, do I want to read book reviews or watch them on YouTube, I would’ve said I’d rather read them. Having said that, I now find that I enjoy watching and listening to a reviewer show and talk about a book in their own voice. I’m sold on this format for a review, and not just because Well-Read Beard and Jason White both said nice things about the book!

Because it’s a video review, you should probably just watch it rather than reading me talking about it. My thanks to Well-Read Beard!

Oh, and if you prefer to read reviews rather than watch them on YouTube, you can find what Well-Read Beard said on Goodreads here:

Polish Translation of Armageddon House Coming From Wydawnictwo IX

I’m pleased to announce that publisher Wydawnictwo IX out of Poland will be undertaking a Polish-language translation of Armageddon House to be published this year. In addition to paperback and e-book versions, there will also be a limited edition hardcover.

Web site:

Facebook page:

In addition to publishing fiction by Polish writers, they also publish translations of writers like Robert Aickman, August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft… and me.

The English-to-Polish translation will be done by Tomasz Chyrzyński. This will will be the first instance (at least to my knowledge) of my work being translated into any foreign language, so it’s exciting news. I realize most existing readers of my work do not read Polish, but I love the idea of people in another part of the world encountering my work for the firs time. My thanks to Wydawnictwo IX and Tomasz Chyrzyński for making this happen.