Story Acceptance: “Montalov’s Box”

My short story “Montalov’s Box” has been accepted by an interesting webzine, Phantasmacore (not to be confused with Phantasmagorium, which featured my story “The Need to Desire” in August, and for which I’m now reviewing books). I’ll have a link when the story’s up. It should be free to read.

I love this weird little story. It’s got unspecified quantum physics experimentation, ontological disruption, cool future tech, and that most perversely experimental of story elements: married people who love each other!

Recap of Recent Fiction Writer Action

So much has been happening lately, after a long stretch without any breakthroughs since May 2011. It’s a bit hard to keep track of all my latest news! To recap:

“The Need to Desire” has been accepted by Phantasmagorium and should appear fairly soon as a weekly featured story on their web site. I’ll post a direct link when it’s available.

“High Desert, Starless Sky” has been accepted by Sirens Call Publications for their post-apocalypse themed anthology Carnage: After the End.

“May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” has been accepted by Jordan Krall for the Current 93 tribute anthology Mighty In Sorrow, to be published by Copeland Valley Press.

And for those who missed it, “Remodel With Swan Parts” was published in Electric Spec last year – direct link here.

In addition to the above, I have fifteen or so other stories out in submission, including a few in various stages of “final review” or short-list consideration. Maybe I’ll be adding to this list soon.

Guess I’m going to need to set up a bibliography page to keep it all straight!

Story Acceptance: May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys

I seem to be on a pretty good roll lately. Just received word my story “May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” has been accepted for inclusion in MIGHTY IN SORROW, a fiction anthology tribute to the amazing band Current 93.

This is very exciting! I love the band, and had all kinds of fun creating something to fit the theme. Can’t wait to appear in the same pages as some great experimental & weird fiction writers. My thanks to editor Jordan Krall.