Package Deal from Undertow

Undertow Publications is offering this special package deal with my book Armageddon House along with the new collection To Drown in Dark Water by Steve Toase, for $7 off the pair.

Save money! Support independent publishing! Get great books!

Here’s the link:

Non-Amazon Armageddon House Ebooks

Armageddon House has been available on Kindle ebook format from Amazon since day one, but we now have it available in other ebook formats and from other sellers at the same low price, currently $3.

It’s available now direct from Undertow Publications (MOBI or EPUB):

It’s available now from Smashwords (many formats):

Smashwords also acts as an aggregator, gradually spreading the ebook out to other resellers such as Apple, Kobo, Overdrive and more, so it will soon be available pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold.

Up Close With the Armageddon House Limited Hardcover

My author’s copies of the Armageddon House limited hardcover edition arrived a few weeks ago. It happened to be the same afternoon my wife and I had to say goodbye to our beloved 17-year-old cat, so I was too distracted and sad to post anything about it at the time.

Now that a little time has passed… hey, check out this beautiful book! I would love to take credit for this thing, but all the credit goes to Publisher Michael Kelly and Designer Vince Haig of Undertow Publications. Thanks, guys!

Armageddon House hardcover with dust jacket

Armageddon House, leather cover with foil

Armageddon House hardcover, inside front cover

Armageddon House, inside rear cover

Armageddon House hardcover, endpapers

Armageddon House hardcover, embossed title page

This limited hardcover edition sold out right away, but if you’re really determined to grab one of the hardcovers, as of right now you can grab one on at a slight markup HERE.

The ebook and paperback editions can be had inexpensively, and of course, the story is the important thing, right? Having said that, if you find an opportunity to get on the list to obtain these limited hardcovers from Undertow, you’ll then be in an advantaged position to get copies of this publisher’s always-excellent future output. Check out their Limited Editions page here.

Armageddon Now

Today’s the day, Armageddon House release day!

This may be a strange time to release a book about people confined together, going slightly crazy. But these are the times we’ve got, like it or not.

Today I’ll try to find ways to raise awareness of the book, so you may see more photos, links to reviews, and that sort of thing. The main activity for the day will be the AMA over on the WeirdLit subreddit at 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern. I hope plenty of people will stop by and ask questions, even if (or especially if) the questions aren’t about this book, or even about my writing at all. That’s the fun of an AMA, finding out whether the guitar player in your favorite band thinks Lebron could beat Wilt Chamberlain in his prime, one-on-one, or which Mario Kart game is the best.

On release day, I want to thank the Undertow Publications team that made this happen, especially Michael Kelly who oversaw and directed the whole project, and Vince Haig who did an amazing job on the cover art and layout.

Here you go, my little book, it’s time. No longer coming soon, now ready to leave the nest and venture into the world! I hope if you pick up the book and enjoy it, you might consider letting me know, but even better than that would be telling other readers.


Armageddon House Hardcover

The cover for the paperback and ebook versions of Armageddon House was revealed some time ago, but today Undertow Publications revealed the cover art for the limited hardcover edition for the first time. Here’s the full spread:

It’s a variant of the same concept from the paperback, but includes not only the inner flap components, but also the nifty “letter grid” name and title element on the back cover. Art and design by the amazing Vince Haig.

And here’s a closer look at the front cover:

I’m especially excited about the hardcover version, even though I realize far fewer readers will end up getting it. I recently purchased the last Undertow Publications limited hardcover, Kay Chronister’s Thin Places, and it’s a beautiful book.

In today’s Undertow newsletter, Michael Kelly explains a bit about how the limited hardcover series works.

Michael Griffin’s fantastic novella ARMAGEDDON HOUSE (May) will be our next limited hardcover in our regular line, followed by Richard Gavin’s GROTESQUERIE (September). If you purchased our first limited from our regular line, THIN PLACES, and want to match your letter for ARMAGEDDON HOUSE, please get in touch as soon as possible. A reminder that the limiteds in our regular line are lettered (52 copies), and the limiteds in our Contemporary Classics line are numbered (100 copies).

A note about rights to numbered and lettered editions: the current number or letter holder for our most recently published limited edition will get first opportunity to match their letter or number, always. For example, if you bought copy number X of THIN PLACES, you will get the first chance to purchase copy X of ARMAGEDDON HOUSE. If you pass on ARMAGEDDON HOUSE, the customer who does buy copy X of ARMAGEDDON HOUSE will get first opportunity to purchase copy X of the next limited, GROTESQUERIE. I hope that makes sense.

Richard Gavin is one of my favorite writers, and his upcoming Grotesquerie looks amazing, so I’ll be first in line for the limited hardcover of that one, as well. Supporting independent publishing is an important thing to do, and it’s an easier decision to make when the books are beautiful and compelling like the ones put out by Undertow! Please note that people who already have the limited Thin Places should let Michael know if they’d like to get the same copy number of Armageddon House.

Advance Copies of Armageddon House

A book isn’t really a book until it’s a book. Now Armgageddon House is a book!

Michael Kelly just posted pictures of advance copies of my novella which is coming May 12 from Undertow Publications. These will mostly be sent to reviewers, but they’re real copyedited and corrected books with the real cover, and they look great.

Here are Michael’s photos, for those of you who didn’t see his posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Last week I posted a link for preordering the paperback from Amazon, and here’s a new link where you can preorder directly from the publisher:

Armageddon House Back Cover

Following Wednesday’s post about Armageddon House being available for pre-order on Amazon, I noticed something… the Amazon listing included an image of the back cover. In addition to being a nice piece of graphic design (endless respect to Vince Haig for the whole art & layout aspect of this book), it gives a sample of text that may be of interest.

Here it is:

Of course, if that seems interesting to you, please consider pre-ordering a copy. That is, unless you want to wait for the limited hardcover!

Armageddon House Paperback Amazon Pre-Order

The paperback version of Armageddon House is now up for Pre-Order on Amazon. See here:

Armageddon House by Michael Griffin – Paperback

This is my first look at the summary description of the story, presumably created by Michael Kelly of Undertow, and it does a great job capturing the feel and the setting of the story.

Soon we’ll have links for different formats and different stores. This is exciting!

Armageddon House Cover Reveal

Here at last is the cover for my forthcoming novella from Undertow Publications, Armageddon House. I couldn’t be happier with it! Vince Haig is responsible for both artwork and design, so big thanks to Vince. Great work!

I’m curious what readers will think of this story, and can’t wait for the book to come out. Usually when I have a book coming out, I figure there will be some people who like it, and others who don’t. This time, I’m mostly thinking there will be some people who see the hidden faces on the cover, and some who don’t.

Undertow Publications says:
“Coming May 12! Armageddon House, the riveting new novella from Michael Griffin. Cover art (look closely) and design by Vince Haig. There will also be a very limited 52-copy, lettered deluxe hardcover with a different variant of this cover. (Get in touch if you’re interested in the limited.) Can you escape Armageddon House? A different sort of haunting.”

When preorders become available, I’ll make sure everyone’s aware.