Reading “Firedancing” at BizarroCon Nov. 2015

I’ve had two opportunities to read my work this month. First was the Word Horde group reading at BizarroCon. I read the middle of my story “Firedancing” from the Laird Barron tribute anthology, The Children of Old Leech published by Word Horde last year.

My wife Lena was good enough to record video of my reading.

Video also exists of the second reading at Powell’s Books in support of Cthulhu Fhtagn!, and I’ll post that soon.

The Children of Old Leech Ready to Order

The Children of Old Leech is supposed to be released July 15, but has begun showing up as “in stock” in various online bookstores.





All four of the above indicate in one way or another that they have copies of the book to sell, though the only one that says “ships within 24 hours” is Barnes and Noble.

I know a lot of people are looking forward to getting their hands on this book, and with good reason. I just finished reading it myself, and it’s absolutely packed with excellent and varied stories by many of today’s best weird & horror fiction writers. My own story “Firedancing” appears in the book. I feel absolutely thrilled and proud to be included in such company, and also to be able to pay tribute to Laird Barron, for whom I have the greatest respect.


Editors Justin Steele and Ross E. Lockhart have put together a really noteworthy book, one that I feel is certain to get a lot of attention in coming years.

The Children of Old Leech – Table of Contents

Justin Steele (co-editor along with Ross E. Lockhart) recently posted the full and official table of contents of Children of Old Leech, the Laird Barron tribute anthology.

– Introduction: Of Whisky and Doppelgängers by Justin Steele
– The Harrow by Gemma Files
– Pale Apostle by Jesse Bullington & J.T. Glover
– Walpurgisnacht by Orrin Grey
– Learn to Kill by Michael Cisco
– Good Lord, Show Me The Way by Molly Tanzer
– Snake Wine by Jeffrey Thomas
– Love Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox by Ted E. Grau
– The Old Pageant by Richard Gavin
– Notes for “The Barn in the Wild” by Paul Tremblay
– Firedancing by Michael Griffin
– The Golden Stars at Night by Allyson Bird
– The Last Crossroads on a Calendar of Yesterdays by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
– The Woman of the Wood by Daniel Mills
– Brushdogs by Stephen Graham Jones
– Ymir by John Langan
– Of a Thousand Cuts by Cody Goodfellow
– Tenebrionidae by Scott Nicolay & Jesse James Douthit-Nicolay
– Afterword by Ross E. Lockhart

I think any aficionado of weird fiction, or fan of Laird Barron, should find much to enjoy within these pages. I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands, and read the other stories.

Here’s that cover again, because it’s lovely. If you want to preorder, visit Word Horde.


2014 Spring-Summer Publications

There’s a lot happening on the publishing front in April, May, June and July. It’s funny, the same thing happened last year after a dry spell – four publications in four months, then another dry spell.

Lovecraft eZine "King in Yellow" special issue, April 2014
Lovecraft eZine “King in Yellow” special issue, April 2014

Last week saw the publication of the April Lovecraft eZine, a special King in Yellow issue guest edited by noted Chambers-obsessed madman, Joseph S. Pulver Sr. This issue includes my long story “No Mask to Conceal Her Voice. Not only is the eZine be free to read online, but you can also order a print copy if you prefer. The Kindle ebook version is available on Amazon. Publisher Mike Davis gave me a print copy at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and it looks fantastic.

Here’s Nick Gucker’s knockout illustration from my story:

"No Mask to Conceal Her Voice" illustration by Nick Gucker for Lovecraft eZine
“No Mask to Conceal Her Voice” illustration by Nick Gucker for Lovecraft eZine

April should also see the paperback publication of Mighty in Sorrow, the Current 93 tribute anthology edited by Jordan Krall. The Kindle ebook version of this is already available here, but of course many readers prefer a tangible paper copy. I’ve previously blogged about the Table of Contents here — there are some great writers in this book (Pulver, Mills, Cushing, Lockhart, Satyamurthy, tc.), and I’m proud to have my short piece “May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” included. The cover:

Mighty in Sorrow, a Current 93 tribute anthology
Mighty in Sorrow, a Current 93 tribute anthology

Soon I will have some more information, and maybe a pre-order link, for a limited edition chapbook of my novella, “Far From Streets.” This is a dark and strange story of a marriage, a cabin in the forest, the way time sometimes slips away from us. I think of it as a cross between “The Willows,” the classic story by Algernon Blackwood, and Antichrist, the recent film by director Lars von Trier.

I’ll hold off on sharing the cover for now until the publisher is ready, but here’s a little hint.


Last, but by no means least, is Children of Old Leech, a tribute anthology dedicated to the fiction of Laird Barron, and published by Word Horde. It’s a great thrill to be part of this project, rubbing shoulders with some of weird & horror fictions’s greatest names. My story is called “Firedancing.”


You can preorder Children of Old Leech and receive the hardcover along with an ebook version. Here’s that link again because you just know you wanna grab this book! Lastly, the Children of Old Leech ad card from Word Horde listing the authors included.


That’s quite a bit of stuff coming, and I hope to have even more to announce soon.

Firedancing, Coming Up in Children of Old Leech

This weekend, I received the very exciting news that my story “Firedancing” will be included in the Laird Barron tribute anthology, CHILDREN OF OLD LEECH. The book will be edited by Ross E. Lockhart and Justin Steele for Lockhart’s press, Word Horde.


The whole roster and table of contents have not yet been revealed, but based on announcements I’ve seen people making on Facebook about their stories being accepted, some wonderful writers like John Langan, Richard Gavin, Joe Pulver, Jeffrey Thomas (among many others) will be included.

I will of course include more information here, as it becomes available. You can also seek out editors Lockhart and Steele on social media, or check out the Word Horde Blog: