Lovecraft eZine Tribute to Joe Pulver

Today I’ll be participating in a group tribute to my friend, the late writer and editor Joe Pulver, on the Lovecraft eZine chat. You can find the chat’s livestream HERE at 3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern time. That’s about an hour from now, as I post this.

It’s been a year since we lost Joe, and I miss him just as much today as I did a year ago. I suppose the shock of his passing has faded a little, but not the sense of having lost a great friend. Several of us who knew him will be discussing our friend Joe, known more widely as the writer and editor Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

Audio Podcast Edition of Lovecraft eZine Chat

Here is the audio podcast edition of my interview with the Lovecraft eZine panel, with special guest John Langan, who is as skilled as a smart-ass interviewer as he is as a writer.

Along with host Mike Davis, the full panel included: John Langan, Bridgette Brenmark, Benjamin Handelman, Matthew Carpenter, Melissa Walsh, Peter Rawlik, and Rick Lai.

Listen here:

Of course, the video chat version remains available on YouTube here as well.

Also, speaking of recent past events, the Reddit AMA in the WeirdLit subreddit went well, and was a lot of fun. Even if you missed it while it was happening, there are lots of questions and answers you can still check out here.

Lovecraft eZine Chat After-Report

I thought the Lovecraft eZine chat last Sunday went very well, and it’s available to view on YouTube if you missed watching it live.

During the livestream, a few people complained about choppiness, but I watched it later on YouTube and it was smooth. I mean, the video stream was smooth, not me! Check it out:

John Langan made an appearance, and asked me lots of questions, along with host Mike Davis and the other panelists. We talked about Armageddon House, movie soundtracks, ambient music, Marvel versus DC comics, the goal John Langan and I shared of becoming a comic book artist, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, the influence of Laird Barron over absolutely everything, my own writing process, and especially about our great friend Joe Pulver.

I had a great time, and sincerely want to thank Mike and John and the regular panelists, as well as everyone who watched the chat live or viewed it later.

Third Time’s the Charm With Lovecraft eZine

We’ve had a couple of postponements to my appearance on the Lovecraft eZine chat, but it’s on for today at 3PM Pacific time. Third time’s the charm!

Here’s a direct link for those of you wishing to view the stream in real time:

For everyone else, the video stream will be archived soon after the show’s completion, and after a while there will be an MP3 audio version available.

Lovecraft eZine Chat Today (updated: postponed to 4/26)

LATE UPDATE: Lovecraft eZine chat now postponed until next week, Sunday April 26.


Quick reminder… I’ll be on the Lovecraft eZine Chat today.

You can watch “live” today at 3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern, here:

You’ll also be able to watch the archived video stream soon after the show ends on YouTube, here:

Another option, usually available within a week or two, is the audio-only podcast version of the show, available here:

I’ll Be On Lovecraft eZine Podcast Sunday, April 19

I’ll be appearing on the Lovecraft eZine video podcast on Sunday, April 19. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

You can read more about it here, and also find a link to the live, real-time video stream — and later on, you’ll find links to the archived video and audio:


At the moment, I’m catching up on the Michael Cisco interview from April 5, and it’s a good one.

I’m looking forward to being on with Mike Davis and the panel. It’s been quite a while since I took part in a Lovecraft eZine chat! 

Listen to Yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Chat

Yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Chat is now available in podcast audio format, for those of you who missed the live video stream.

Mostly we talked about recent fiction, and a bit about upcoming books, including writers and editors such as Justin Steele, Sam Cowan, Philip Fracassi, Jon Padgett, Mary SanGiovanni, Aaron J. French. We also spent a bit of time discussing my novel Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone.

You can also click the link to yesterday’s post about the chat to view the archived YouTube video.

My fellow panelists included Rick Lai, Philip Fracassi, Peter Rawlik, Matthew Carpenter, Kelly Young and host Mike Davis. It was a fun chat, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk books and writers, and even to mention my favorite recent TV discovery, The Expanse.

Lovecraft eZine 38 Print and Kindle Editions

Issue 38 of Lovecraft eZine, which includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame” along with stories by Peter Rawlik, Douglas Wynne, Marcus Grimm, Benjamin Knox & Toby Bennett, Jonathan Raab, Raven Daemorgan and F.J. Bergman, is now available in print and ebook editions from Amazon.

I’m really proud of this story, and so far it hasn’t received a lot of notice, so I hope more people will check it out!

Lovecraft eZine 38: print and Kindle editions!

Caligari Madness on Lovecraft eZine Chat

If you missed yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat, where I appeared along with Molly Tanzer, S.P. Miskowski, John Langan, and the regular panelists including MADNESS OF DR CALIGARI editor Joe Pulver, the Lovecraft eZine page featuring the chat is HERE.

YouTube video archive:

And if you’d rather listen than watch, here’s the jpodcast audio version:

Of course, you’re always encouraged to pick up a copy of the book!


Order direct from the publisher, Fedogan and Bremer:

Amazon hardcover:

Amazon paperback: