Listen to Yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Chat

Yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine Chat is now available in podcast audio format, for those of you who missed the live video stream.

Mostly we talked about recent fiction, and a bit about upcoming books, including writers and editors such as Justin Steele, Sam Cowan, Philip Fracassi, Jon Padgett, Mary SanGiovanni, Aaron J. French. We also spent a bit of time discussing my novel Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone.

You can also click the link to yesterday’s post about the chat to view the archived YouTube video.

My fellow panelists included Rick Lai, Philip Fracassi, Peter Rawlik, Matthew Carpenter, Kelly Young and host Mike Davis. It was a fun chat, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk books and writers, and even to mention my favorite recent TV discovery, The Expanse.

Lovecraft eZine 38 Print and Kindle Editions

Issue 38 of Lovecraft eZine, which includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame” along with stories by Peter Rawlik, Douglas Wynne, Marcus Grimm, Benjamin Knox & Toby Bennett, Jonathan Raab, Raven Daemorgan and F.J. Bergman, is now available in print and ebook editions from Amazon.

I’m really proud of this story, and so far it hasn’t received a lot of notice, so I hope more people will check it out!

Lovecraft eZine 38: print and Kindle editions!

Caligari Madness on Lovecraft eZine Chat

If you missed yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat, where I appeared along with Molly Tanzer, S.P. Miskowski, John Langan, and the regular panelists including MADNESS OF DR CALIGARI editor Joe Pulver, the Lovecraft eZine page featuring the chat is HERE.

YouTube video archive:

And if you’d rather listen than watch, here’s the jpodcast audio version:

Of course, you’re always encouraged to pick up a copy of the book!


Order direct from the publisher, Fedogan and Bremer:

Amazon hardcover:

Amazon paperback:

Overview of Recent and Coming, Oct 2016

On Facebook, John Deathginger Goodrich asked me what I had coming next, and I typed out a quick list of what’s just out and what’s coming soon… may be of use as a summary of the current state of things:

So much stuff just out, or coming soon! Eternal Frankenstein is out now (has my novelette “The Human Alchemy”), Nightscript Vol. 2 is just out (leads off with my story “The Carnival Arrives in Darkness”), new Lovecraft eZine issue includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame” and next month my novella An Ideal Retreat will be out from Dim Shores. Oh, and The Madness of Dr. Caligari is out this month or next, and includes my story “The Insomniac Who Slept Forever”


Eternal Frankenstein
At Word Horde –
At Amazon –

Nightscript 2
Kindle –
Paperback –

Lovecraft eZine 38
Issue 38 –
“Endure Within a Dying Frame” –

Dim Shores (no link yet for An Ideal Retreat)
Dim Shores storefront –

Madness of Dr. Caligari
Publisher page –
Amazon hardcover preorder –

Endure Within a Dying Frame in Lovecraft eZine 38

My story “Endure Within a Dying Frame,” which concerns an obsessive theoretical mathematician and his search for ultimate bliss, appears today in the latest installment of The Lovecraft eZine, issue number 38.


Issue 38 announcement:
Free Lovecraftian fiction: “Lovecraft eZine” 38 is now available!

Issue 38 free to read online:
Issue #38

Direct link to “Endure Within a Dying Frame”:
Endure Within a Dying Frame, by Michael Griffin


Cthulhu Does Stuff
by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

The Spaces Between
by Pete Rawlik

The Voyager
by Douglas Wynne

Endure Within a Dying Frame
by Michael Griffin

Catch Me If You Can
by Marcus Grimm

by Benjamin Knox & Toby Bennett

The Secret Goatman Spookshow
by Jonathan Raab

Winter Things
by Raven Daemorgan

by F. J. Bergmann

My thanks to Publisher Mike Davis and editors Alex Kreitner and Matthew Carpenter for including my story, and Heather Landry for the wonderful, wild and trippy illustration!

A Day After the Lovecraft eZine Chat

I enjoyed myself on yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat. We talked a lot about The Lure of Devouring Light, spent some time discussing individual stories and also talked more generally about my approach to characters, relationships, and themes in my work such as nature.

If you missed seeing it live, you can now view it on YouTube HERE

It should be available in audio format soon, and I’ll post a link at that time.

My thanks to host Mike Davis and panelists Joe Pulver, Pete Rawlik, Rick Lai, S.P. Miskowski, Kelly Young, Matt Carpenter and Philip Fracassi.

August 14 Lovecraft eZine Video Chat

I will be appearing as a guest on the Sunday, August 14 Lovecraft eZine video chat. If you can’t watch it live, you can always check out the video on YouTube later. I’ll post a link here after it’s available, but for now, the link to access all previous eZine chats in video and audio versions is HERE.

Upcoming eZine podcast schedule:
August 7, 2016: no guest
August 14, 2016: author Mike Griffin
August 21, 2016: Sam Cowan
August 28, 2016: author Philip Fracassi
September 11, 2016: editor Ellen Datlow
September 18, 2016: author Matthew M. Bartlett
September 25, 2016: Carl Sederholm and Jeffrey Weinstock, authors of The Age of Lovecraft
October 1, 2016, at 10pm ET (Saturday): special Halloween episode with Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Thomas
October 23, 2016: author Douglas Wynne

If you’re a regular viewer of the Lovecraft eZine chats, or if you plan to watch to catch my interview, I’ll see you Sunday the 14th!

2014 Spring-Summer Publications

There’s a lot happening on the publishing front in April, May, June and July. It’s funny, the same thing happened last year after a dry spell – four publications in four months, then another dry spell.

Lovecraft eZine "King in Yellow" special issue, April 2014
Lovecraft eZine “King in Yellow” special issue, April 2014

Last week saw the publication of the April Lovecraft eZine, a special King in Yellow issue guest edited by noted Chambers-obsessed madman, Joseph S. Pulver Sr. This issue includes my long story “No Mask to Conceal Her Voice. Not only is the eZine be free to read online, but you can also order a print copy if you prefer. The Kindle ebook version is available on Amazon. Publisher Mike Davis gave me a print copy at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and it looks fantastic.

Here’s Nick Gucker’s knockout illustration from my story:

"No Mask to Conceal Her Voice" illustration by Nick Gucker for Lovecraft eZine
“No Mask to Conceal Her Voice” illustration by Nick Gucker for Lovecraft eZine

April should also see the paperback publication of Mighty in Sorrow, the Current 93 tribute anthology edited by Jordan Krall. The Kindle ebook version of this is already available here, but of course many readers prefer a tangible paper copy. I’ve previously blogged about the Table of Contents here — there are some great writers in this book (Pulver, Mills, Cushing, Lockhart, Satyamurthy, tc.), and I’m proud to have my short piece “May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” included. The cover:

Mighty in Sorrow, a Current 93 tribute anthology
Mighty in Sorrow, a Current 93 tribute anthology

Soon I will have some more information, and maybe a pre-order link, for a limited edition chapbook of my novella, “Far From Streets.” This is a dark and strange story of a marriage, a cabin in the forest, the way time sometimes slips away from us. I think of it as a cross between “The Willows,” the classic story by Algernon Blackwood, and Antichrist, the recent film by director Lars von Trier.

I’ll hold off on sharing the cover for now until the publisher is ready, but here’s a little hint.


Last, but by no means least, is Children of Old Leech, a tribute anthology dedicated to the fiction of Laird Barron, and published by Word Horde. It’s a great thrill to be part of this project, rubbing shoulders with some of weird & horror fictions’s greatest names. My story is called “Firedancing.”


You can preorder Children of Old Leech and receive the hardcover along with an ebook version. Here’s that link again because you just know you wanna grab this book! Lastly, the Children of Old Leech ad card from Word Horde listing the authors included.


That’s quite a bit of stuff coming, and I hope to have even more to announce soon.