Shotgun Logic on The Lure of Devouring Light

A wonderful new review of The Lure of Devouring Light just appeared, this one by Shane Douglas Keane and posted on his Shotgun Logic blog. It begins:

“With stories published in a diverse array of publications such as Apex and Black Static and anthologies like The Grimscribe’s Puppets and The Children of Old Leech, plus a cornucopia of work forthcoming, Michael Griffin has been garnering some impressive accolades from such high profile voices as S. P. Miskowski, Michael Cisco, and the reigning king of literary weird fiction, Laird Barron. So it’s no surprise to see that his debut collection, The Lure of Devouring Light serves as a showcase of some of the finest short horror fiction to be published in recent years.”

Follow the link to read the rest.

Book Review: The Lure of Devouring Light by Michael Griffin

My sincere thanks to Shane for the detailed and perceptive review. Shane and I also recently completed a lengthy interview, which should be posted soon, though my understanding is that the interview will be posted not at Shane’s own blog but at another prominent horror-focused web site. I should be able to share a link to that soon.

Portland’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Kickstarter

One of my favorite events every year is the Portland H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, the next installment of which happens October 7-9, 2016. This year I also visited the San Pedro, California version for the occasion of my book release, and they’re also doing a Providence, Rhode Island version which just happened this past weekend. The Portland event is the biggest of the three, and the original.

While I was busy with other things this weekend, I neglected to post about the new Kickstarter for the Portland HPLFF. It looks like it won’t have a lot of trouble meeting its goal… in fact, literally as I type this sentence, it just watched it click over the $15k mark in another browser window. Congratulations, Gwen and Brian Callahan – funded!

Now, just because they’ve reached their goal doesn’t mean you won’t want to pledge. This is the best way to get your package of tickets, t-shirts, art and other goodies related to the event. I’ll be a guest again this year, and for the first time I’m participating in a fiction round robin, a collaborative story written along with John Shirley, S.P. Miskowski, Nikki Guerlain, Andrew S. Fuller, Wendy Wagner and Aaron Besson. If you want to read that story in the souvenir book, it’s a $10 add-on to any other pledge level.

Even if you won’t be able to attend, you can support the event and get some cool stuff. There are several packages available for non-attendees, allowing you to obtain various souvenirs just as if you were going to attend.

I assume there will be some cool stretch goals, as there have been in the past. Who knows what kind of interesting special guests might be on the horizon?

Madness of Dr. Caligari Up for Preorder

The upcoming anthology The Madness of Dr. Caligari, edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr., is now up for preorder fro the publisher, Fedogan & Bremer. The trade hardcover edition can be purchased HERE.

There will eventually be a signed/limited edition available, though of course that will be more expensive. The table of contents will be the same in all versions:

THE MADNESS OF DR. CALIGARI table of contents:
Ramsey Campbell – The Words Between
Damien Angelica Walters – Take a Walk in the Night, My Love
Rhys Hughes – Confessions of a Medicated Lurker
Robert Levy – Conversion
Maura McHugh – A Rebellious House
David Nickle – The Long Dream
Janice Lee – Eyes Looking
Richard Gavin – Breathing Black Angles
S.P. Miskowski – Somnambule
Nathan Carson – The Projection Booth
Jeffrey Thomas – The Mayor of Elementa
Nadia Bulkin – Et Spiritus Sancti
Orrin Grey – Blackstone: A Hollywood Gothic
Reggie Oliver – The Ballet of Dr. Caligari
Cody Goodfellow – Bellmer’s Bride, or The Game of the Doll
Michael Griffin – The Insomniac Who Slept Forever
Paul Tremblay – Further Questions for the Somnambulist
Michael Cisco – The Righteousness of Conical Men
Molly Tanzer – That Nature Which Peers Out in Sleep
Daniel Mills – A Sleeping Life
John Langan – To See, To Be Seen
Gemma Files – Caligarism

If you need more convincing, check out this cover!


I’m terribly pleased to find myself in the midst of such an amazing roster of talent. The subject matter is very promising, I trust the taste of Joe Pulver, and Fedogan & Bremer always creates such beautiful books, so I’m confident this will be one of the important anthologies of the year.

A Day After the Lovecraft eZine Chat

I enjoyed myself on yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat. We talked a lot about The Lure of Devouring Light, spent some time discussing individual stories and also talked more generally about my approach to characters, relationships, and themes in my work such as nature.

If you missed seeing it live, you can now view it on YouTube HERE

It should be available in audio format soon, and I’ll post a link at that time.

My thanks to host Mike Davis and panelists Joe Pulver, Pete Rawlik, Rick Lai, S.P. Miskowski, Kelly Young, Matt Carpenter and Philip Fracassi.

Recent Happenings, August 2016 Edition

A few things that are happening recently:

My debut collection The Lure of Devouring Light passed the 90 day mark. I’d stay it’s still being well-received, and more people seem to be discovering it every day. Here are links to the two latest reviews of the book:

John Boden Reviews Lure of Devouring Light on Ginger Nuts of Horror

Lure Reviewed for Hellnotes by Brian Sammons

I just received advance electronic proofs of two books in which my stories will appear:

Eternal Frankenstein, coming from Word Horde and edited by Ross E. Lockhart, will include my novelette “The Human Alchemy.”

Nightscript #2, edited by C.M. Muller, will be led off by my short story “The Carnival Arrives by Night.”

Also, I completed final edits on my story to appear in the next Lovecraft eZine, issue #38. That story is “Endure Within a Dying Frame.”

Most recently, I received word that my submission has just been accepted for a nifty, brag-worthy anthology coming next year, but I don’t yet have the go-head to announce specifics.

Lastly, I will be appearing on the Lovecraft eZine video chat this Sunday, August 14. Read about that HERE.

That’s all for now!

John Boden Reviews Lure of Devouring Light on Ginger Nuts of Horror

John Boden recently reviewed The Lure of Devouring Light on Ginger Nuts of Horror. A little hint of what John has to say:

“This year has seen some truly amazing work from some cats who are proudly doing their own thing and writing their own unapologetically “left-of-center ” fiction. Michael Griffin would be one of said cats.”

John Boden Reviews Lure of Devouring Light on Ginger Nuts of Horror HERE.


My thanks to John Boden and Ginger Nuts of Horror for the review.

August 14 Lovecraft eZine Video Chat

I will be appearing as a guest on the Sunday, August 14 Lovecraft eZine video chat. If you can’t watch it live, you can always check out the video on YouTube later. I’ll post a link here after it’s available, but for now, the link to access all previous eZine chats in video and audio versions is HERE.

Upcoming eZine podcast schedule:
August 7, 2016: no guest
August 14, 2016: author Mike Griffin
August 21, 2016: Sam Cowan
August 28, 2016: author Philip Fracassi
September 11, 2016: editor Ellen Datlow
September 18, 2016: author Matthew M. Bartlett
September 25, 2016: Carl Sederholm and Jeffrey Weinstock, authors of The Age of Lovecraft
October 1, 2016, at 10pm ET (Saturday): special Halloween episode with Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Thomas
October 23, 2016: author Douglas Wynne

If you’re a regular viewer of the Lovecraft eZine chats, or if you plan to watch to catch my interview, I’ll see you Sunday the 14th!

Words In: Altar by Philip Fracassi

Altar is a novella by Philip Fracassi, published by Dunhams Manor Press earlier this year. It’s an engaging, pleasingly straightforward horror story of childhood summer vacation and the attractive and repulsive force of the neighborhood swimming pool.

Summer vacation has some nicer aspects, such as leisure, freedom from the classroom (or as we age, from work) and recreation in warm weather. But it also has a less savory side, as parents try to deal with kids running loose all over the neighborhood. Young kids are preyed upon, bullied or bothered by older youths, and our impulses toward recklessness and daring are inflamed by too much time and not enough supervision.

This snapshot is brief, but feels familiar, recognizable in aspects both pleasant and nasty, as if representing elements of a universal childhood summer. Altar is a story I recommend, and one that makes me want to read more of Fracassi’s work. The good news here is that Fracassi recently announced the planned release of another novella as well as his debut short fiction collection with Journalstone, so we’ll have lot of material coming from him in the next year.


Altar on Goodreads:

Altar on Ammazon: