Eternal Frankenstein Book Trailer

The Eternal Frankenstein anthology, edited by Ross E. Lockhart and coming very soon from Word Horde, now has a trailer video.

Eternal Frankenstein can be preordered from Word Horde or Amazon, and will soon be available through many other outlets. I’m about halfway through reading the book myself, and really enjoying the variety of approaches to the subject of Mary Shelley’s incredible creation.


Endure Within a Dying Frame in Lovecraft eZine 38

My story “Endure Within a Dying Frame,” which concerns an obsessive theoretical mathematician and his search for ultimate bliss, appears today in the latest installment of The Lovecraft eZine, issue number 38.


Issue 38 announcement:
Free Lovecraftian fiction: “Lovecraft eZine” 38 is now available!

Issue 38 free to read online:
Issue #38

Direct link to “Endure Within a Dying Frame”:
Endure Within a Dying Frame, by Michael Griffin


Cthulhu Does Stuff
by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

The Spaces Between
by Pete Rawlik

The Voyager
by Douglas Wynne

Endure Within a Dying Frame
by Michael Griffin

Catch Me If You Can
by Marcus Grimm

by Benjamin Knox & Toby Bennett

The Secret Goatman Spookshow
by Jonathan Raab

Winter Things
by Raven Daemorgan

by F. J. Bergmann

My thanks to Publisher Mike Davis and editors Alex Kreitner and Matthew Carpenter for including my story, and Heather Landry for the wonderful, wild and trippy illustration!

Madness of Dr. Caligari Amazon Preorder

I’ve mentioned the upcoming Joseph S Pulver Sr. edited anthology The Madness of Dr. Caligari quite a few times here, and even recently included links to preorder directly from the publisher, Fedogan & Bremer.

Now the hardcover is available for preorder from Amazon, HERE.


I can’t wait to see this book! Such a great table of contents, and of course Joe Pulver and Fedogan & Bremer can always be counted upon for quality work.

Eternal Frankenstein Will Look Like This

Editor/Publisher Ross E. Lockhart posted this photo of Elinor Phantom with a copy of the Eternal Frankenstein hardcover. This is important for three reasons:

1. Elinor is awesome.

2. This means the book is real and will be out in the world soon.

3. The photo reveals how great the hardcover looks.



If you haven’t preordered yet, maybe this makes you feel an ache of desire?

Eternal Frankenstein hardcover+ebook bundle from Word Horde

Eternal Frankenstein hardcover on Amazon

Eternal Frankenstein Kindle version on Amazon

Nightscript 2 Coming October 1st

Editor and Publisher C.M. Muller has just activated Nightscript Volume 2 on Goodreads with a release date of October 1.


Goodreads listing:

C.M. Muller blog post on Volume 2:

Volume 2 Table of Contents:

“The Carnival Arrives in Darkness” — Michael Griffin
“In the Dark, Quiet Places” — Kristi DeMeester
“Phantom Airfields” — Christopher Slatsky
“En Plein Air” — J.T. Glover
“The Inveterate Establishment of Daddano & Co.” — Eric J. Guignard
“White Elephants” — Malcolm Devlin
“Reasons I Hate My Big Sister” — Gwendolyn Kiste
“Nearness” — Ralph Robert Moore
“This Lonely Hecatomb” — Christopher Ropes
“Apartment B” — Steve Rasnic Tem
“Understairs” — Jason A. Wyckoff
“As Summer’s Mask Slips” — Gordon White
“And Elm Do Hate” — Nina Shepardson
“A Silence of Starlings” — Kurt Fawver
“Aycayia” — Rowley Amato
“The White Kisses” — Charles Wilkinson
“Down by the River” — H.V. Chao
“Arena” — Daniel Mills
“From the Fertile Dark” — Rebecca J. Allred
“No Abiding Place on Earth” — Matthew M. Bartlett
“Pause for Laughter” — José Cruz

This looks to be another great installment. I’ll have links here when it’s available for purchase.

Lure Reviewed on Teleread by Paul StJohn Mackintosh

Paul StJohn Mackintosh has just posted an in-depth review of The Lure of Devouring Light on Teleread.


If you want the tl;dr version, here’s how it was distilled down to its minimum essence by my publisher:

“Griffin is a craftsman of the highest order… Highly recommended.”

But really, you should read the whole thing. I enjoyed seeing a reviewer mention one of the less-discussed stories in the book, “The Jewel in the Eye,” which is also one of my own favorites. It also pleases me to see yet another reviewer call out “The Black Vein Runs Deep” as a highlight.

My thanks to Paul StJohn Mackintosh and Telereads for the REVIEW.

Sam Cowan of Dim Shores on Lovecraft eZine Chat

The latest Lovecraft eZine chat is another good one. The usual crew (Mike Davis, S.P. Miskowski, Rick Lai, Peter Rawlik, Matthew Carpenter and Kelly Young) interview Sam Cowan of Dim Shores.


After you watch or listen, you’ll probably want to head over to DIMSHORES.COM to check out some books or the Dim Shores ONLINE STORE to buy ’em. Because the books are all limited editions, most are sold out, but the next one, Grass by Anya Martin, is up for pre-order. Check out this cover art by Jeanne D’Angelo.

Also, these three earlier releases are still available:

Stag in Flight by S.P. Miskowski (only a few left)
The Knife Dance by Michael Cisco (trade paperback only, hardcover sold out)
The Free School by Cody Goodfellow (only a few left)

I love everything Dim Shores puts out, and I’m very pleased and excited that my own novella An Ideal Retreat will be coming from Dim Shores later this year, with art by Mikio Murakami. I’ll share news on that as soon as I know more.

Kickstarter Ending for H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Portland 2016

The Kickstarter for this year’s Portland H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival ends tonight, so now’s your chance. I’ll be a guest at the festival again, and taking part in the VIP Party at Lan Su Chinese Gardens, and the Shanghai Tunnels tour. I’m also one of the contributors to the Challenge From Beyond 2016 book, which includes a round robin story as well as another story by Peter Rawlik.

This is the cover of the book, illustrated by Shelby Denham.


And here are the event details:

The 21st Annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival® will feature independent short and feature films, plus featured guests Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator and From Beyond), author John Shirley, and many more!
Deluxe and VIP Ticket packages available now in our Kickstarter at Regular tickets will go on sale around September 10th.

Thursday, Oct 6 8-11pm VIP Party
Friday, Oct 7 4-6pm Guest Meet and Greet
Friday, Oct 7 6-11pm Films and other programming
Saturday, Oct 8 Noon-11pm Films and other programming
Sunday, Oct 9 Noon-11pm Films and other programming

The Lovecraft Film Fest is a lot of fun every year, so if you’ve never attended before and you’re considering it for the first time, I really think you should. Even if you’re not the world’s biggest Lovecraft fan, and care more about horror or weird fiction in general, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. Films, panels, readings and more. Hope to see you there!