Lovecraft eZine 38 Print and Kindle Editions

Issue 38 of Lovecraft eZine, which includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame” along with stories by Peter Rawlik, Douglas Wynne, Marcus Grimm, Benjamin Knox & Toby Bennett, Jonathan Raab, Raven Daemorgan and F.J. Bergman, is now available in print and ebook editions from Amazon.

I’m really proud of this story, and so far it hasn’t received a lot of notice, so I hope more people will check it out!

Lovecraft eZine 38: print and Kindle editions!

Caligari Madness on Lovecraft eZine Chat

If you missed yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat, where I appeared along with Molly Tanzer, S.P. Miskowski, John Langan, and the regular panelists including MADNESS OF DR CALIGARI editor Joe Pulver, the Lovecraft eZine page featuring the chat is HERE.

YouTube video archive:

And if you’d rather listen than watch, here’s the jpodcast audio version:

Of course, you’re always encouraged to pick up a copy of the book!


Order direct from the publisher, Fedogan and Bremer:

Amazon hardcover:

Amazon paperback:

The Madness of Dr. Caligari on Lovecraft eZine

I’ll be part of the panel on today’s Lovecraft eZine video chat, discussing THE MADNESS OF DOCTOR CALIGARI. 6pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific).

It looks like other contributors appearing will be S.P. Miskowski, John Langan and Molly Tanzer, plus editor Joe Pulver. I expect it to be a lot of fun!

You can order a copy of the book HERE.


Watch the chat here:

Nightscript 2 Real-Time Review by Des Lewis

Any observer of Weird/Horror Fiction over the past several years has probably see the Real-Time Reviews of Des Lewis, in which Des posts commentary along the way while reading a book. His insights are always interesting, and worth a look.

(image by Des Lewis)

Des has just begun his real-time review of Nightscript II, starting off with the lead story, my own “The Carnival Arrives in Darkness.” The page for the Nightscript II review is HERE. You’ll need to scroll down to see what Des thinks of each story in the comments below.

I plan to check back, day by day, and see what he thinks of the rest of the book! For now, I thank Des for his remarks on my contribution.

Guest Slot on Langan Episode of The Outer Dark

Scott Nicolay’s The Outer Dark podcast (now hosted by This Is Horror) has recently returned after a hiatus due to Scott moving and changing careers. The latest episode is one part archival interview with John Langan (from 2015, before the release of The Fisherman), one part new interview with Langan, and the usual News From the Weird feature.


In the latter, I step in for usual NFtW co-host Justin Steele, and Scott starts us off with a few questions about my own recent and future publishing activities. From there, we discuss new and upcoming books in the field, culminating with my own review/discussion of The Fisherman.

The Outer Dark is a true must-listen podcast for those interested in Weird and Horror Fiction. Check out the latest sort-of-archival presentation HERE

TOD A04 John Langan: Aspiring to Restlessness and The Times They Are a-Fishin’

Review of An Ideal Retreat at This Is Horror

Thomas Joyce at This Is Horror has wonderful things to say about AN IDEAL RETREAT, my novella upcoming from Dim Shores. Among other things, the reviewer says:

“Griffin’s command of language is clear: his prose is exquisite, his descriptions divine.”

The full review is HERE.


You can pre-order AN IDEAL RETREAT HERE.

The book will be 112 pages, printed in an edition of 200 copies, which appears to be already roughly 1/3 sold out with a few more weeks left in the preorder period.

My sincere thanks to Thomas Joyce and This Is Horror for the kind words.

Teodor Reljic on “The Human Alchemy”

Teodor Relic’s ongoing read-through and story-by-story analysis of Eternal Frankenstein has reached my novelette, “The Human Alchemy.”

He finishes with “An urbane and superbly structured little chiller that is intellectually engaging more than it is viscerally scary, but that is all the more rewarding for it,” and has a lot more to say leading up to that. Read the full review HERE.

My thanks to Teodor for the interesting appraisal and analysis of my story, not to mention all the other stories in the book he’s already covered, as well as those to come.

Eternal Frankenstein read-a-thon #8 | Michael Griffin

Debut Novel Coming from Journalstone

Contracts have been signed, so I can now announce that my debut novel Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone will be coming from Journalstone in February, 2017. More specifically, it will be the first book released on a new Journalstone imprint, about which details should become available soon.


Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone is the story of Guy, a suddenly divorced man who ends up renting a room in the houseboat of his much younger co-worker. Guy tries to emulate Karl’s straightforward, confident mode of existence, but feels awkward going out to bars, trying to meet single women, after being married most of his life. Only when Karl takes him out fishing on an isolated stretch of the Salmon River does Guy catch a glimpse of something inexplicable and captivating enough to seize his full attention and distract him from the ruin of his own life.

I’m very pleased to join the same publisher as Laird Barron, Gary Braunbeck, Philip Fracassi, Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden, Douglas Wynne and many others.

Though the contract only covers one book, our understanding is that we would like to work together on several books. I’ve been especially impressed with what Journalstone has done with Laird Barron’s recent novellas, X’s for Eyes and Man With No Name, not to mention his latest collection. Because I love the novella form so much, I’d love to find a way to do two or three linked novellas. We’ll see!

Of course I’ll share more specifics, including cover art, when it’s available. For now I’d like to thank Publisher Christopher Payne, and the Imprint Editor whose name must remain secret until Journalstone makes that announcement!

An Ideal Retreat Preorder from Dim Shores

AN IDEAL RETREAT is now up for advance preorder (available only to people who ordered the last Dim Shores release, Daniel Braum’s YETI. TIGER. DRAGON.) until November 2 when preorder opens for everybody.


AN IDEAL RETREAT is a novella of about 28,000 words, so I’m guessing the book will be 100-125 pages. The expected publication date is late November.

Dim Shores describes the story as follows:

Noone goes to check on an old rundown cabin belonging to her husband’s family and finds instead a beautiful vacation home filled with elegant furniture and a fully stocked gourmet kitchen. Seeing a respite from her troubled marriage, Noone decides to stay for a little while despite some unease. Are strange things really happening in the impossible house or is it just all the wine and pills?

The line I used to pitch the story to Dim Shores in the first place:

“The glamorous and perfected material idealism of Architectural Digest and Dwell magazines, seen in the distorting mirror of a marriage poisoned by infidelity, neglect, alcoholism and prescription drug abuse.”

Mikio Murakami has done a fantastic job with the cover art and three internal illustrations, and as always with Dim Shores books, Sam Cowan can be counted upon to create a beautiful, well-made publication. Visit the Dim Shores store HERE.

BizarroCon 2016 Schedule

The schedule of programming for BizarroCon 2016 has been released. See HERE.

I’ll be at the con Thursday and Friday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Lena and I are even staying one night at the Edgefield Hotel, even though we live a short distance away, because it’s such a cool, fun place.

My involvement will be as follows:

Saturday 12:30-1:15pm: VARIETIES OF THE WEIRD
(Mod—G. Arthur Brown, Rios de la Luz, Jason Rizos, Kirsten Alene, Garrett Cook, Michael Griffin) writers and editors examine and discuss different styles of weird writing including magic realism, absurdism, gonzo, exploitation, mythology and folk tales. (Location: The Barley Room)

Saturday 2:30-4:00pm: THE WORD HORDE READING BLOCK
Ross E. Lockhart, Michael Griffin, Alan M. Clark, Rios de la Luz.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!