Guest Slot on Langan Episode of The Outer Dark

Scott Nicolay’s The Outer Dark podcast (now hosted by This Is Horror) has recently returned after a hiatus due to Scott moving and changing careers. The latest episode is one part archival interview with John Langan (from 2015, before the release of The Fisherman), one part new interview with Langan, and the usual News From the Weird feature.


In the latter, I step in for usual NFtW co-host Justin Steele, and Scott starts us off with a few questions about my own recent and future publishing activities. From there, we discuss new and upcoming books in the field, culminating with my own review/discussion of The Fisherman.

The Outer Dark is a true must-listen podcast for those interested in Weird and Horror Fiction. Check out the latest sort-of-archival presentation HERE

TOD A04 John Langan: Aspiring to Restlessness and The Times They Are a-Fishin’

An Ideal Retreat Coming from Dim Shores

I’ll have much more to say about this before it’s released, but for now, the order page for An Ideal Retreat is up on the Dim Shores storefront.

Preorders aren’t up yet (will be before end of October), but you can check this out and get a preview of the great cover.


I’m very excited to work with artist Mikio Murakami, and with Sam Cowan who has done such a great job with Dim Shores!

Overview of Recent and Coming, Oct 2016

On Facebook, John Deathginger Goodrich asked me what I had coming next, and I typed out a quick list of what’s just out and what’s coming soon… may be of use as a summary of the current state of things:

So much stuff just out, or coming soon! Eternal Frankenstein is out now (has my novelette “The Human Alchemy”), Nightscript Vol. 2 is just out (leads off with my story “The Carnival Arrives in Darkness”), new Lovecraft eZine issue includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame” and next month my novella An Ideal Retreat will be out from Dim Shores. Oh, and The Madness of Dr. Caligari is out this month or next, and includes my story “The Insomniac Who Slept Forever”


Eternal Frankenstein
At Word Horde –
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Nightscript 2
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Lovecraft eZine 38
Issue 38 –
“Endure Within a Dying Frame” –

Dim Shores (no link yet for An Ideal Retreat)
Dim Shores storefront –

Madness of Dr. Caligari
Publisher page –
Amazon hardcover preorder –

An Ideal Retreat is Coming from Dim Shores

Since the beginning, I’ve been following Dim Shores, the excellent small press. Sam Cowan has been announcing and releasing one amazing illustrated limited chapbook after another.


This morning, Dim Shores announced the release of the expected September release of AN IDEAL RETREAT, written by me and with art by Mikio Murakami. Here is the full Dim Shores release announcement:

There are three new chapbook announcements coming this week. First up: “An Ideal Retreat,” written by Michael Griffin with art from Mikio Murakami!

Michael Griffin’s stories have appeared in magazines like Apex, Black Static, Lovecraft eZine and Strange Aeons , and such anthologies as the Shirley Jackson Award winner The Grimscribe’s Puppets, the Laird Barron tribute The Children of Old Leech, and Cthulhu Fhtagn! His standalone novella Far From Streets was published by Dunhams Manor Press, and his debut collection The Lure of Devouring Light will be published by Word Horde in April, 2016. His work is upcoming in Leaves of a Necronomicon, Autumn Cthulhu, Nightscript 2 and Eternal Frankenstein.

Michael blogs about books and writing at On Twitter, he generally posts as @mgsoundvisions and writing-specific news appears as @griffinwords. He’s also an electronic ambient musician and founder of Hypnos Recordings, an ambient music record label he operates with his wife in Portland, Oregon.

Mikio Murakami is a Japenese-Canadian graphic designer. He specializes in cover art, T-shirts, logos and drinking bad coffee. He founded SILENT Q DESIGN in Montreal in 2006 and has done work for a number of Canadian and international bands.


“An Ideal Retreat” is scheduled for publication in September.

There’s no art yet, and the story is not entirely finished. I don’t have exact word count but expect this will be on the lengthier side of Dim Shores releases. As more information becomes available, you’ll see announcements on Facebook by me, Sam and Mikio, as well as on the Dim Shores site and the Griffinwords blog.

I’m very pleased and excited to have a chance to be part of Dim Shores, to collaborate with the very talented Sam Cowan and Mikio Murakami.”