One Great Photo, and the Matter of Subsequent Con Reports

I intend to post some more stories and photos to document NecronomiCon, but probably won’t do the exhaustive and chronologically sequenced rundown of everything that happened, as I did at HPL Film Fest in Portland this year.

More likely I will find a few interesting or provocative pictures that seem to go together, and tell a bit about what was happening in the scene where the pictures were taken.

This event ended up with quite a few “blind spots” for me, where I took no pictures. I may be able to find and borrow a few photos to help me document such events. Many people are still just settling in at home, and just starting to post photos.

Here’s one of my favorites, taken on the steps of Providence City Hall late Saturday night. Left to right, that’s me, Cody Goodfellow, Nick Gucker and Justin Steele. Photo by my wife, Lena Griffin.


We’d ventured out to see Lustmord and Neurosis. After, we walked down to the canal to see the Water-Fire thing, which was interesting in a quiet, meditative way, if a scene can be quiet and meditative with swarms of people on concrete walkways along the shore. Lena wanted to see a band perform, but we went to the wrong location and missed it. Rumor has it that the band experienced performance issues, and their crucial elements of their act fell limp.

NecronomiCon Providence Preliminary Report

The NecronomiCon Providence event was incredible, wonderful beyond all expectation.

I met an amazing roster of weird/horror talent, interacted with great writers, editors, publishers, critics and artists. Below, I’m showing off for Richard Gavin, Scott Nicolay, John Langan and his mentor Bob Waugh, Jack Haringa, Michael Cisco, Selena Chambers and Simon Stranzas.


I attended a reading by two of my very favorite writers, Laird Barron and Joseph S. Pulver Sr., and was surprised to be asked to step up and read some of my work for the crowd that had gathered to hear the big boys read.

I experienced a live performance by Lustmord, one of the giants of dark ambient music, and a primary influence on my own efforts as founder of Hypnos Recordings, and as a recording artist.

I bounced off any number of inspiring people, sights and sounds, so much humor and fun and inspiration, it was like the best and craziest 4 days of college distilled into one long weekend.

I was able to drag my lovely wife Lena along, and bask in her giddy enjoyment of the same pleasures.

At the end, I was swept up into the kind of mind-blowing all-star room party you see people bragging about in con reports, and you think, “Oh shit, I missed THAT!” Laird Barron and John Langan’s room, filled with all manner of madness. Barron’s Big Chair, Langan and Nicolay’s Cuddle Corner, and even Jerad Walters of Centipede Press, perhaps the finest creator of dark genre books we’ve got. Mix in an appalling abundance of very good Scotch whisky, and ohhhh golly!


I intend to write about this in greater detail, and offer more pictures, once the world stops spinning so fast.