Star Trek Memories by William Shatner

This week I’ve been listening to an old audiobook I’ve had lying around for a long time which for some reason I’d postponed listening to, only to find it’s as interesting and entertaining as I could’ve hoped.

Star Trek Memories

The audiobook is read by The Shatner himself, and that would probably be enough to make it entertaining. But the book is full of interesting details of the lead-up to the production of the original Star Trek series, and varied reminiscences of Shatner and other cast and crew.


Did I mention that William Shatner is one of the coolest guys ever to have lived? Even if there had never been a Denny Crane, or a TJ Hooker, or the fantastic/funny/clever album, “Has Been,” he’s still Captain Kirk.

Has Been

I haven’t finished it, but have been having so much fun listening to all the stories of how the cast came together, how Gene Roddenberry dealt with production hurdles and studio annoyances, and how the actors and crew figured out how to portray the characters and design the sets and costumes and makeup.

So far, very highly recommended. It’s short, so I’ll be done soon.

Captain Kirk