2015 Year End

I didn’t publish much more in 2015 than in 2014 or 2013, but I wrote a lot more. A couple of stories that were supposed to appear in 2015 were pushed back by the publishers to 2016 (see next year’s activity, below).

Items published in 2015 included:

“The Tidal Pull of Salt and Sand” in Xnoybis #1, edited by Jordan Krall, published by Dunhams Manor Press (limited edition, out of print)

“Jewels and False Memories: The Origins of a Lunatic” in Surreal Worlds, edited by Vincenzo Bilof

“Delirium Sings at the Maelstrom Window” in Cthulhu Fhtagn!, edited by Ross E. Lockhart

“I’m Looking for Nick Cowan or Cody Steele” in The Doom That Came to Providence, edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

“Apprentice, Muse and Mancer” in A Mythos Grimmly, edited by Jeremy Hochhalter

“The Slipping of Stones” in Strange Aeons issue #17, edited by Kelly Young

2016 should be a time when a lot of my work should appear, including:

“Firedancing” from Autumn Cthulhu, edited by Mike Davis

“Miles and Cathrine at the Crimson” from Leaves of a Necronomicon, edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

“Endure Within a Dying Frame” was accepted by the new editors of Lovecraft eZine and should appear there this year.

My story collection, THE LURE OF DEVOURING LIGHT, will appear in 2016. I hope to have more specific information to announce soon. My guess is that by the end of 2016, the biggest event in my writing/publishing year will be the this book.

I also finished a short novel this year, and it’s on submission, so it’s my hope that this may become a publishing news item in 2016.

As I write this, I’m in the middle of writing stories for four anthology invitations (two finished and submitted, the third just underway, and the fourth to write in Jan-Feb), then I intend to get started on some other projects.

I have an unpublished short story I’d like to revise and extend into a novelette for an interesting small press that publishes some great limited editions.

The bulk of the year will be taken up with two planned novels. I’d like to write both in 2016 if I can manage it. At the very least, I’ll finish my first full-length novel and start another.

“The Slipping of Stones” in Strange Aeons 17

I forgot to mention this in the lead-up to the HPL Film Fest, but one of my stories has just appeared in a very cool place.

Issue 17 of Strange Aeons magazine is now available, and includes my story “The Slipping of Stones.” There are also stories by outgoing fiction editor Ted E. Grau and incoming fiction editor Justin Steele, along with an interview with Mike Davis of Lovecraft eZine and reviews and comics. Check out this great cover art by Lee Moyer.

Strange Aeons Issue 17
Strange Aeons Issue 17

My thanks to Kelly Young and Rick Tillman for making this happen. You can order Strange Aeons HERE.