Really Loving The Door Into Summer

I’m not quite done with The Door Into Summer yet, but really enjoying it. I was just thinking, as I read this, that Robert Heinlein reminded me an awful lot of Tom Clancy, then I stumbled upon a quote in which Clancy expressed admiration for Heinlein. Weird, because they wrote such different stuff, and to me the similarity was really just in the simple, old-fashioned masculine confidence of the characters. Both writers obviously respect hard work and military service and expertise in things like engineering and science and economics.

Anyway, this blog isn’t really meant for formal reviews, more like semi-formal expressions of enthusiasm or disdain, but I still haven’t quite finished the book yet so I’ll wait before writing more.

Just wanted to say this one puts a smile on my face at least once per day, and though it was written before I was born, the small dated aspects don’t bother me at all. Makes me want to read a bunch more Heinlein this summer!

Moving on from one classic to another

Earlier this week I blogged about Ringworld by Larry Niven, and if you missed that entry, I didn’t like it much. I actually wrote that blog entry before I was completely finished with the book, and through the last couple days as I worked through the last part I thought, “Maybe I’m just being a sourpuss and holding a certain dated-ness against the book more than I should?”

Then I got to the end and immediately started The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein, a book written more than a decade before Ringworld, and the difference was so dramatic, the contrast so stark… it was like spitting out a mouthful of sour milk and cleansing the palate with a few swigs of ice cold root beer. So, so much better. I’m not far enough into this new one to say much about it yet, other than Heinlein knows how to craft a sentence and his dialogue is pretty sharp. This one builds more slowly than I’m used to with Heinlein — he usually busts right in with a spaceship out of control spinning toward the sun, or a bunch of teenagers fighting bugs fifteen feet high.

In other news, if you know me through Hypnos or have tried to email me through you may have wondered what’s up, as our web site and very busy Hypnos Forum and our email addresses are entirely conked-out today. The hosting company that manages the domain is all dealing with some kind of catastrophic server issue and we’ll probably be out of action all day today. If you need to reach me or Lena you know how to find us on Facebook, otherwise leave me a message here.