The easiest thing in the world

Launching a new blog is the easiest thing in the world.

When you first start up a new blog, nobody knows about it but you.  Then maybe a friend or two might see it, but nobody who doesn’t already know you.  No pressure, since there’s no real “audience” yet.   By the time anybody makes their way over here to read this thing, this first blog post will likely be buried under a number of more substantial and more recent posts.

I blogged for a while before, on Myspace, and what started off a fun and very personal blog space, ended up having hundreds of followers and dozens of people leaving comments. I was blogging about 10 times per week, writing about music and my social life and fortune cookies and restaurant reviews, all kinds of stuff.  I have no idea if this blog will attract many viewers, but that’s not the important thing.

I also spend a bit of time in an online community called the Hypnos Forum, related to the ambient/electronic record label I founded over a decade ago. There are lots of cool and intelligent people there, but most of the discussion is on music and technology, and subjects related to books and words and thoughts seem not to generate much attraction. I just wanted a place to write about some things that have become increasingly important to me, especially as I’ve become more serious and dedicated about writing fiction.

It’s my plan to post here about a variety of subjects, but mostly observations about writing my own words, and reading the words of others. I’ll probably kick things off with a series of quick mini-review posts about some of the things I’ve read lately, and then start explaining more about why I’m writing this blog and what I hope to achieve with it.

So then, I’d say “thanks for reading,” but nobody’s reading yet. Like I said…  easiest thing in the world!

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