Possible blog strangeness through this weekend

I’m converting over from creating each blog post in the blog’s web interface, to a program called MacJournal which lets me write a blog post once and crosspost it to more than one blog. I’m doing this because I’m trying out both WordPress and Livejournal at once and want to run them both in parallel until I decide if I want to use just one.

So far I’d say WordPress creates a much more professional and polished blog, but Livejournal has some nifty social networking or “community” features WordPress doesn’t have. So I’m doing both, and I don’t want to have to remember which posts have been made on which blog.

As I get the two blogs synchronized, and play around with MacJournal, some posts may appear out of time sequence, or posts that previously appeared on WordPress may appear again (until I get the duplicates trimmed out). It’ll look messy for a day or two or three, but once it’s all lined up, it should be pretty slick.

By the way, MacJournal looks pretty great. I like MarsEdit better in some ways (it automatically retrieves your previous blog posts from the server) but it doesn’t seem geared to simple crossposting. If you write an entry for one blog and want to post it to another blog, you have to copy and paste the content into a new blog entry within the folder of the second blog, and post that… which isn’t much improvement over just running two totally separate blogs that I administer from the web admin pages.

MacJournal site:

MarsEdit site:

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