Hello Strangers

This blog doesn’t get too much traffic, normally. Somewhere between zero hits in a day, if I haven’t posted anything new for a while, and maybe 12 of 15 or 20 on a day when I pick something with tags that are interesting to a greater number of people.

So far today, my latest blog entry has something like 100 hits, so I’m trying to figure out where all these eyeballs come from. Probably people interested in Scrivener or Writeroom or something.

Anyway… hello, strangers!

2 thoughts on “Hello Strangers

  1. Your Scrivener post has been ‘tweeted’ about in the official Scrivener twitter feed. That’s how I found your blog. Very interesting blog, it seems we have similar interests!
    I’ve subscribed to your feed.

  2. Hi Mark
    Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering why I was seeing 10x the usual hits on here… they’re still coming! I was actually planning a more detailed “how I use Scrivener” post and now I’ll definitely have to do it.

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