The New Scrivener(s)

I’ve raved about Scrivener many times in this blog. It’s my most important writing (and outlining and organizing and revising and editing) tool. It’s always been a Mac-only piece of software, but the developer has partnered with a Windows software developer to create a Windows version. So far, the Scrivener Windows Beta is similar but not exactly the same. Close enough that the differences aren’t a problem, let’s say.

At the same time, Scrivener has released a NaNoWriMo preview edition of Scrivener 2.0 for Mac, so I’ve downloaded that too and given it a spin.

Anybody (any writer-type, I mean) who hasn’t given this application a spin now has no excuse. Check it out: Literature and Latte (Scrivener developer).

I’m mostly a Mac user but there are many times I find myself in Windows land, so I fully intend to buy a Windows license as soon as they’re offered. This is great stuff and I really believe it’s better than the similar alternatives (StoryMill and Ulysses). I bought a StoryMill license but I never use it any more.

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