To the Midwest and Back, With Sickness After

Lena and I visited her family in Indiana for Thanksgiving. Before we left, Lena was sick all week, but I managed to avoid catching it and for the most part she got over it before it was time to fly. Then we arrived to find all her family, from her mother on down to the littlest kids, were terribly sick. I kept trying to take good care of myself (aside from the all-nighter redeye flight to get there) and managed to avoid getting sick, at least until we returned. Now I feel deathly awful, but that’s how it goes. It’s probably too much to ask of my system, even if I’m a pretty healthy person, to fight off illness from so many different angles for such a long time.

So now I’m back to work, catching up with a big backlog of to-do stuff and several overflowing inboxes. For this reason, today’s blog entry will be of the “I’m back but there’s nothing too interesting to say beyond that” variety. Regular weekday morning bloggging should resume tomorrow.

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