More Writerly Numbers

More numbers, just for curiosity’s sake. Numbers don’t tell the real story.

I’ve made 23 story submissions in the past month and a half. When I first began sending out stories at the end of 2009, it took me more than 7 months to rack up 23 submissions. Even a year ago, 23 submissions was something like 3-4 months worth. The biggest difference, of course, is that I have more stories in the pipeline. It also helps that when I get a rejection now, I do everything I can to resubmit the rejected story the same day.

I recently had 16 stories in active circulation, an all-time high. One was just accepted, which knocks the total in circulation down to 15. Very excited about this acceptance, as I’m a big supporter and follower of the place it’s going to appear. Definitely looking forward to that story appearing in a month or two. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of reminders and links to the story when the time comes. Most likely I’ll make everyone ill from hearing about it so much. 

My oldest pending submission is 295 days out. My newest is 0 days out, because I submitted it just before I started typing this.

My first publication (not counting the Mississippi Review thing in 93… not really relevant any more) was on 5/31/2011.

The most recent acceptance came on 5/31/2012. It appears 5/31 is a significant and possibly magical date in my still-young publishing career. I just hope the next good news comes earlier than 5/31/2013!

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