Second Story Acceptance In a Month

Wouldn’t it be great if I had more of these good news blog posts and fewer of those “woe, it is so hard!” ones? Well, I’m trying.

Just received another story acceptance. This isn’t the one I mentioned about a month back – still don’t know quite when that’s going to happen, though I’m told it’s definite. This new one’s definite too, contract signed and everything. My story is “High Desert, Starless Sky” and it’s been placed in an anthology called Carnage: After the End with a post-apocalyptic or dying Earth theme. It’s from a small press called Sirens Call Publications, and the page is here, though it’s not so much a promotional page for the book as an information page about submissions, which have closed. I’ll post more information when I have it.

This acceptance was especially nice as it came out of nowhere. It’s funny, all the short-listed and “recommended to our editor” stories have ended up rejected, and the three acceptances I’ve received have come with no hint, no advance notice of the possibility.

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