Three Degrees of Good News

The very best kind of good news is immediate and definite. You can share the news (that is, brag) right away. Tell everyone. Run a victory lap!

The second best kind of good news is the kind that’s definite, but you can’t tell anyone right away. It’s hard to hold your tongue, but at least you know it’s for sure.

The third best kind of good news is neither definite (that is, it might fall through) nor immediate (you won’t find out for a while whether or not it’s actually really good). Even this third best variety of good news is still much, much better than bad news!

Of this third “maybe, you’ll know soon” variety, I have two pieces of good news. I would love to share them with you, even just one of ’em, but alas I cannot. It’s nice, at least, that my writing endeavors have reached the stage where I get to tease my blog-reading audience with these “I would love to tell you this thing, but alas I cannot” tidbits.

I do realize blog-reading audiences actually hate this sort of thing, but there it is.

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