Publication Recent and Upcoming, Feb 2013

Starting around the middle of last year, I started finding an increasing number of outlets for my fiction. Many of the stories accepted still haven’t found their way into print. Now might be a good time for a recap of what has come before, and what’s coming soon.


“Remodel With Swan Parts” APPEARED 5/2011 in Electric Spec (free to read here).

“The Need to Desire” APPEARED 8/2012 Phantasmagorium weekly feature. (Now free to read HERE).

“Montalov’s Box” APPEARED OCT 2012 by Phantasmacore.

“High Desert, Starless Sky” APPEARED NOV 2012 in Carnage: After the End


“Diamond Dust” FORTHCOMING The Grimscribe’s Puppets (Ligotti tribute), editor Joseph S. Pulver Sr., publisher Miskatonic River Press.

“The Lure of Devouring Light” >FORTHCOMING in Apex Magazine.

“Nectar of Strange Lips” >FORTHCOMING in Lovecraft eZine.

“May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” >FORTHCOMING in Mighty In Sorrow (Current 93 tribute), editor Jordan Krall, publisher Copeland Valley Press.

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