H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Unveiling

No time for much of a blog post, but there’s still a lot of NecronomiCon Providence stuff I want to get to.

For today, enjoy this great video of an important event: the unveiling of the H.P. Lovecraft bronze bust. This amazing work was created by sculptor Bryan Moore, who presents a nice, tidy figure here, as compared to the wild party-man I met before and during the Lustmord and Neurosis concert.

(Note: the video is by Todd Chicoine, part of a documentary about NecronomiCon Providence 2013 that is in progress as of this writing. My thanks to Todd for permission to link this video here.)

For more information about this project, here are some links:

HPL Bronze Bust Project Facebook Page

HPL Bronze Brust Project Tumblr (lots of good photos)

HPL Bronze Bust Kickstarter (already funded and closed, but here for background and reference)

Bryan Moore did some very impressive work here. The entire community of Lovecraftians and aficionados of weird fiction also owe their gratitude to all those who funded and supported this project through to completion.

2 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Unveiling

  1. Todd Chicoine

    Hey Mike, I was the one who shot the video. Keep it up. Just let people know it’s only a part of the documentary I have planned for the 2013 NecronomiCon.

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