Recent Reads Quickly Mentioned

I’ve read so many great books lately, I’ve decided to quickly mention some of the most notable. I’ll probably offer expanded opinions of at least some of these soon.

At Fear’s Altar by Richard Gavin
At Fear’s Altar is the first Richard Gavin collection I’ve read, though I’d seen a few stories in anthologies. This impressed me very much, and raised Gavin in my estimation to among the handful of best writers of weird/horror. My full review is HERE.

Astoria by S.P. Miskowski
Astoria is a novella linked to S.P. Miskowski’s Shirley Jackson award nominated novel, Knock Knock. There’s also Delphine Dodd, another linked novella I haven’t read yet, but will soon, Astoria is a good one! Review HERE.

Joyland by Stephen King
Though Stephen King of course needs no introduction, this recent book was one a lot of his loyal readers might have missed. It’s the nostalgic story of an older man looking back on a summer he spent during college working at a low-budget amusement park in North Carolina. It’s not quite a horror story, though it has creepy moments like most Stephen King books. I enjoyed Joyland, though it’s not a major King work.

I’ll tackle the backlog a few at a time… more installments coming.

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