Initial Reactions to Far From Streets

My first stand-alone novella Far From Streets, from Dunhams Manor Press, sold out in pre-order. It’s finally been published, and purchased copies have begun to find their way into the hands of readers. I also handed out several copies at ReaderCon, and some of those people have already given feedback.

"Far From Streets," a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press
“Far From Streets,” a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press

Only my wife and one editor friend had read the story in the year since I finished writing it. Their responses were positive, but you never really know until a wider variety of readers weighs in.

First, I received a brief but very positive email from a very respected weird/experimental writer, who had apparently read it as soon as he returned from Readercon. This is a guy who doesn’t seem to go around handing out empty praise, so I though that was a great start.

Soon after, I started getting nice comments from people saying they were reading, and enjoying it. A few posted pictures of their copies of the book, always fun to see. Today, there were more pictures, and the first two public reviews or comments about the book.

Justin Steele includes Far From Streets in a July-ending rounding up of recent reads, HERE. Justin says:

“The book is about obsession and relationships as much as it’s about the difference between suburbia and the wilderness, and manages to be far more than just a surreal creep-out fest because of this. Griffin becomes more and more impressive, and this is my favorite work of his to date.”

Later this afternoon, Alicia Graves posted her reaction HERE, including the following very flattering description:

“It was striking, strange, and fluid. I described it to one friend as what I think a mash between Barron and Langan would feel like. Did I mention well written?”

My very sincere thanks to Justin and Alicia and everyone else who has given their time and attention to my work. If you missed out on preordering Far From Streets but would still like to read it, all is not lost. My intention is to include it in the story collection I’m assembling this summer, so you’ll just have to wait until next year when the collection would presumably appear.

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