Writing Lately, Oct 2014 Edition

It’s been a while since I updated about my writing.

First, as to recent publications, I’ve continued to receive generally very positive responses to Far From Streets (my standalone novella, now out of print, published by Dunhams Manor Press) and “Firedancing,” my story which appeared in The Children of Old Leech.

Most of my time in the past few months has been spent finishing the last two length pieces intended for my planned collection. In June I finished a novelette code-named JEWEL, then took a break of about six weeks to work on two stories for anthology invitations. When those were done in mid-August, I started on the big novella, code-named BLACK VEIN, intended to be the last piece in the collection. This novella is giant and showing no signs of becoming anything but larger, so I won’t meet my original self-imposed deadline of finishing it by the end of September. I’ve given myself an extra month, but I figure three months (almost) to write a 30,000 novella isn’t too bad.

I’ll need to take another break soon to write two new stories, as I’ve received a couple more exciting invitations this summer. It’s wonderful to be have editors asking for my work, especially new editors with whom I haven’t published before. This means a lot of extra work, but it gives me hope that next year will not only see the publication of my first collection, but also a substantial number of stories in anthologies by a variety of editors and publishers.

Certainly I’ll give more specifics about these pending works as soon as possible. For now, though, I’m as busy as I’ve ever been, and excited about the coming year.

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