Summer 2015 Outlook

Time for a quick update. I haven’t posted since CthulhuCon last month, having kept busy with life and reading and writing.

Lately I’m working on a long novella. Several times in the past few years I’ve had good luck with picking up one of my abandoned short stories and thinking about why I never finished it. In many cases, the problem was that the story I wanted to tell needed to be longer than a short story. From my perspective of 2011-2013, when I first tried to write these things, I wasn’t sure how or where to publish anything longer than 6,000 words or so. Now I realize some of these story concepts need to be novellas or novels. I’m now ready to write longer, as these ideas require.

The first example of this was Far From Streets (published in a 2014 Dunhams Manor Press chapbook, and now out of print, but it should appear in my upcoming first collection). The next was an even longer (39k words, very nearly a short novel) novella I intend to close that collection.

The first collection is complete, no room to add anything more. This new piece is something I’m writing without any specific plan for where to send it, or how I hope to see it published. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything that way.

I should finish this in a month or so, then I intend to return to a new long novella I intended to write near the end of last year.

The next few months will be busy with convention-going activities:

ReaderCon in July

NecronomiCon in August

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in October.

I’m looking forward to these events, especially for the opportunity to see friends.

It will also be a summer full of publications.

Xnoybis #1 just came out, with my story “The Tidal Pull of Salt and Sand.”

Very soon we should see Surreal Worlds, including my story “Jewels and False Memories: Origins of a Lunatic.”

Also coming soon, A Mythos Grimmly and my story “Apprentice, Muse and Mancer.”

Several books in which my work appears should debut at NecronomiCon.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! (Word Horde) including “Delirium Sings at the Maelstrom Window”

Autumn Cthulhu from Lovecraft eZine Press includes “The Smoke Lodge”

I’m hoping Leaves of a Necronomicon is still forthcoming from Chaosium. This includes my story “Miles and Kathrine at the Crimson”

I also have one more short piece in another still-secret book that will be released at NecronomiCon, but hasn’t been announced yet. Soon, I hope!

Another of my stories has been accepted for publication, but I haven’t signed the contract yet so can’t name the story or the magazine yet. It’s a good one.

And as always, other items are out on submission for which I have hope of future good news leading to more announcements!

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