Late 2015 Writing

Many of my posts lately have been about conventions and publishing, but most of my time is spent writing, so what about that?

I spent much of the last half of 2015 writing and revising a short novel, about 51,000 words. Non-writers will wonder, “How long is that in pages?” Well, it’s longer than The Great Gatsby or Slaughterhouse Five, but by the standards of today’s publishing environment, 51k words is an odd length. It’s too long to be a novella (17,500 words up to 40k), so while it’s technically a novel, most agents and publishers want to see something like 80-100k word novels.

This project is on submission to a publisher that seems not to mind the in-between length, so we’ll see what happens with that.

I’ve really enjoyed working longer, and intend to start a full-length novel early in 2016, after I finish writing four stories for anthology projects to which I’ve been invited to submit.

I haven’t had quite as many stories lined up for publication in 2015, due to spending much of 2014 wrapping up my first collection, which should appear in 2016. I hope to be able to say more about that before too much longer.

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