2015 Favorite Reads – Xs For Eyes by Laird Barron

Because I’ve decided to expand the scope of my “2015 Favorite Reads” series to include a few chapbooks and standalone novellas, I’m going to include Xs For Eyes by Laird Barron, published by Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of Journalstone.

This book is a hell of a lot of fun – much faster, leaner and pulpier than much of Barron’s work. Further good news is that Barron and the publisher Journalstone appear to be interested in releasing more installments of the adventures of the Tooms brothers.


On Goodreads I said:
The most demented “teen adventure” book you’ll ever read. This reminded me a bit of Barron’s The Light is the Darkness, with the same breathless pace, and a similar focus on larger-than-life events happening just under the surface of a world that mostly resembles our own. It even has a character named Navarro, like Conrad Navarro in The Light is the Darkness. Other familiar Barron characters like Mandibole also appear. This story was a kick-ass, high octane blast of fun.

Xs For Eyes on Goodreads

Xs For Eyes on Amazon

Xs For Eyes on Journalstone

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