“The Extremities of Godfrey Aquinas” Coming in Transmissions from Punktown

I can finally announce that my story “The Extremities of Godfrey Aquinas” will appear in TRANSMISSIONS FROM PUNKTOWN, a tribute to Jeffrey Thomas’s Punktown (obvs) edited by Brian M. Sammons and to be published by Dark Regions Press. Lots of great names in this Table of Contents!

The announcement from Brian Sammons:
Jeffrey Thomas is one of the best, most original, amazing authors working today. One of his weirdest and wildest creations is his world/setting of Punktown. Thousands of readers love Thomas’ Punktown tales, as do many other writers. So coming from Dark Regions Press in the near future is TRANSMISSIONS FROM PUNKTOWN, a shared-world of anthology, edited by me, and with all these amazing authors having a blast playing in Mr. Thomas’ Punktown sandbox.

The Table of Contents:
The Cyclops: Part One – by Jeffrey Thomas
The Dilky Never Landed – By Paul Tremblay
Growth Spurt – By Richard Lee Byers
Novah On The Run (Her Blue Monday) – By Glynn Owen Barrass
The Over and Under – By D.A. Madigan
Ritual of Adoration – By W. H. Pugmyr
Riding the Rainbow – By Don Webb
Lacunae and Nocturnes – By William Meikle
Not for Human Consumption – By Peter Rawlik
Sunup over Misery Street – By Konstantine Paradias
Payment for a Scar – By Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Bedbug Radio – by Ian Rogers
Blueshift Drive – by Edward M. Erdelac
The Extremities of Godfrey Aquinas – by Michael Griffin
Less, then Zero – by Jeff C. Carter
Aftermath of an Industrial Accident – by Mike Allen
Baphomet Descendent – by Scott R Jones
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring – by Nick Mamatas
Crow-picked – by Christine Morgan
The Monochromatic Betrayal of Frank Xerox – by Neil Baker
Ksenija’s Pirate Prince – by Lee Clark Zumpe
The Cherry – by Tom Lynch
The Cyclops: Part Two – by Jeffrey Thomas

It’s wonderful that this project is happening, and I’m especially pleased to have a place in the book! I’ll share cover art, publication date and pre-order info when I can.

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