An Ideal Retreat Preorder from Dim Shores

AN IDEAL RETREAT is now up for advance preorder (available only to people who ordered the last Dim Shores release, Daniel Braum’s YETI. TIGER. DRAGON.) until November 2 when preorder opens for everybody.


AN IDEAL RETREAT is a novella of about 28,000 words, so I’m guessing the book will be 100-125 pages. The expected publication date is late November.

Dim Shores describes the story as follows:

Noone goes to check on an old rundown cabin belonging to her husband’s family and finds instead a beautiful vacation home filled with elegant furniture and a fully stocked gourmet kitchen. Seeing a respite from her troubled marriage, Noone decides to stay for a little while despite some unease. Are strange things really happening in the impossible house or is it just all the wine and pills?

The line I used to pitch the story to Dim Shores in the first place:

“The glamorous and perfected material idealism of Architectural Digest and Dwell magazines, seen in the distorting mirror of a marriage poisoned by infidelity, neglect, alcoholism and prescription drug abuse.”

Mikio Murakami has done a fantastic job with the cover art and three internal illustrations, and as always with Dim Shores books, Sam Cowan can be counted upon to create a beautiful, well-made publication. Visit the Dim Shores store HERE.

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