My H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest 2017 Schedule

Tomorrow our guests arrive for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and Friday the events get underway!

The full schedule is available in PDF format HERE.

Here’s my portion of the schedule, including “note to self” times for when the doors open each day, dinner breaks, and events I’m part of, as well as the screening of They Remain I want to see on Sunday. I’ll have to miss the Saturday world premiere of They Remain in the big theater downstairs because it conflicts with my reading, but as long as I get to catch it the next night, I’m happy.

6PM doors open
8:30-9:30PM “Panel 2: Women in Lovecraftian Fiction, Martin, O’Keefe, R-Smith, Griffin, Lockhart”

12:15 doors open
4-5PM “Panel 4: Evolution of Weird Fiction: Shirley, Carson, Wilson, Griffin, Burk”
5-6:30PM dinner break
8:30-9:30PM “Reading 2, Fuller, Griffin, Hoade”

12:15 doors open
5-6:30PM dinner break
7:20-9:30 They Remain

This event is always really enjoyable, and a great opportunity to see friends and interact with weirdos. We have four people from out of town staying at our house, so it should be a fun four-night slumber party as well!

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