Two Episodes of The Outer Dark

I participated in the last two episodes of The Outer Dark podcast hosted by Scott Nicolay.

Most recently, in episode 026, I discussed the two BizarroCon panels featured in the episode, and discussed Autumn Christian’s collection Ecstatic Inferno.

In last week’s episode 025, I made an appearance to talk about Bizarro Con, which had just finished at the time of the interview, and give a short review of John Claude Smith’s novel The Wilderness Within.

Words In: Why We Make Mistakes (etc.) by Joseph T. Hallinan

Mildly interesting, at times insightful, yet mostly shallow, anecdotal, and lacking any major revelations. Much of what is presented here is basically common knowledge among people interested in human psychology and behavior. For example, much is made of such matters as people being unreliable eyewitnesses, the majority of people being overconfident about their knowledge and capabilities, and the way that our own misapprehension of our aptitudes and weaknesses interfere with our ability to improve.

If you’ve found your way to this along the trail of more interesting, surprising and entertaining books on human knowledge and behavior as Outliers or Freakonomics.

If you approach this as a sort of “human psych 101” you may enjoy this more than I did, but there are better books than this on the same and related subjects.