Into All Things Some Update Must Fall

Crazy, random, all-encompassing blog entries are fun once in a while!

First off, these next three days Lena and I will be attending the H P Lovecraft Film Festival here in Portland. Lots of fun is anticipated — film screenings, author readings, panel discussions, and a vendor room full of Cthulhu-y merchandise goodness.

I’ve been dividing my time between work on Hypnos stuff (readying the next CD releases) and writing, revising and submitting stories. In September I sent 16 story submissions, and my previous monthly high was 11. Obviously having more stories out there is part of the deal, but also I happened to hit several quick-turn markets. If you’re going to get a rejection, a faster rejection is preferable, I think, in that it allows you to move the story along to the next market a bit sooner.

I haven’t completed (meaning finalized and sent off) a new story in over a month, but I have several churning and likely to be completed in October. I regularly start new pieces, at roughly the same pace I complete older ones, so I have a pipeline of a half-dozen or so in various stages of completion. Sometimes this balance swings toward a half-dozen rougher pieces, and other times, like now, I end up with several that are closer to complete.

One of the stories I’m about to start is a sort of dark, second-world fantasy about a paranoid, delusional monarch who lives in a nearly inaccessible dome atop a mountain. This place can only be reached by a tremendously dangerous climb on narrow ledges beside great chasms. I’m naturally scared of heights, though I also love the mountains and hiking. This story incorporates much about altitude, danger of falling, the discomfort of being at a cliff’s edge. Here’s a link to a video that gives a sense of that “teetering on the edge of death” thing I’m talking about. Coincidentally, the name of this real-life path is Camino del Rey, which means Path of the King.

Otherwise, we’re enjoying a great spell of late-summer weather and looking forward to a long weekend of Cthulhu cult insanity.

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon

Following up on something I’ve mentioned before, which is the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon event coming up here in Portland, October 1, 2 and 3rd. The promotional poster was just released.


Lena and I will be attending all three days of the festival, and I’m looking forward to checking out various bits of Lovecraft film, attending some readings and having a chance to meet a lot of kooky Lovecraft-loving filmmakers, writers, artists and editors.

The bad news is, they’ve announced this will be the festival’s last year in Portland, so if you live near enough to attend and you’ve been thinking “I’ve been meaning to check that out one of these years,” you’d better make it this year!