Get ready to party!

Now, I have a couple of PCs running Windows (though I prefer using a Mac when I can), so I don’t entirely want to start a Mac-versus-Windows battle royale here. We all know Apple has a certain “coolness” factor Microsoft would love to emulate.

Apple Retail Store
Apple Retail Store

Apple retail stores have this incredible THX-1138 modern atmosphere, and people just love to go in there and browse and feel awesome. Microsoft is getting ready to start opening their own retail store and the rumor is that they’ve been hiring away top Apple store managers to try to steal Apple’s mojo, I guess.

Remember when George Lucas was cool?
When George Lucas was cool

Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows 7 which, after the monumental pile of suck that was Vista, should be an event anticipated by a certain number of people.

In an attempt to create a bit more of a sense of EXTRAVAGANZA, however, Microsoft in its customary tone-deafness has been promoting the idea of the “Windows 7 Release Date Party.” See here:

The always-wonderful Cabel takes a whack at the low-hanging pinata (note to self: find n character with tilde over it) here with his own slight variation on MS’s vid:

Cabel’s Blog LOL — Windows 7 Party

None of my home PCs have any version of Windows newer than XP (and I will not willingly install Vista on any machine I own), but I’ll wait and see what the nerds say about Windows 7. In the mean time, Microsoft remains one of those companies utterly unaware of how they are perceived, and delusional about their own image, trying again and again to “go viral” and create buzz about lame shit like Vista, and the latest Windows Media Player, and worst of all, the Zune.

Only the finest industrial design for our Microsofties
Only the finest industrial design for our Microsofties

OK, enough Win-bashing for now!