How Would You Have Wanted Firefly to End?

I still feel a pain in my chest every time I think about the early cancellation of Firefly. Yes, it was just a TV show, and true, it lasted less than a full season so there was hardly time to get a sense of where it was headed. It’s just so rare to find an intelligent TV show, with characters you can care about, it’s something to lament when it vanishes prematurely.

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee (ship’s mechanic, and lovable tomboy), recently gave an interview in which she gave her own wish list for how the show should have ended. It’s somewhat tongue in cheek, but it’s wonderful at the same time it rips open the old wound. You can read the interview here. Scroll down to the bottom for the question about how she would’ve liked to see the show end.

Choice quote:
“Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?)”

Apparently I am some kinda lame fanboy, but at least I didn’t stick a picture of Kaylee or Inara in here.

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