Still scrambling

I’d like to get back to posting more planned, focused blog entries soon but my life has been all about scrambling lately, so another scrambled blog post will have to do.

Been rethinking my approach to style and voice in my fiction. Trying out a less formal, more natural voice for the “lake” story I’m finishing up, and also for the next one I’m about to draft. Switching up another WIP from a more detached 3rd person POV to a more internalized 1st person.

Oregon Ducks are ranked #1 for the first time in history, which seems bewilderingly impossible. When I was in college, I never thought the football team would go to a Rose Bowl, and now it’s happened twice. Even after raising the level of success I never expected to see them atop the rankings, even early in the season like this. Tonight, they’ll play their first game as a top-ranked team.

Had some fun last weekend hanging around with Dave T, one of my oldest friends, partner in Viridian Sun (ambient music duo for those blog readers unfamiliar with that my musical activities). Made a great bbq dinner. Listened to Dave’s new solo album, which is very accomplished, and which he’d like to release on Hypnos. We’ll have to hammer out some details to decide if that’ll happen. Watched an unauthorized Depeche Mode documentary which included interviews with Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, and one of the Spandau Ballet guys. Drank more beer and Fireball cinnamon whiskey than we meant to.

The next day Lena and I went up to Government Camp for a hike. This summer-like weather can’t last much longer, right? Hiked a good dozen miles in the thin air.

Speaking of Hypnos, the new CD release by Italian trio Herion is back from the manufacturer. I need to write up an announcement and start sending out promo copies, plus mail out copies to the artists, and set it up so people can start buying it.

This work week has been a living hell of trying to resurrect computers overrun with malware, and inexplicable network crashes. Lots of the fix-it work has been off-site so I’ve been away from my desk most of the week. Plus, working conditions are cold and dirty out there! Made me miss my desk. Now it’s Thursday morning and I feel like I finally have a chance to look around and figure out what needs to be done.

Last night on the way home, Air Force One zoomed right overhead as I drove down Marine Drive. Those few hundred feet were probably the closest I’ve ever been to a US President. Hundreds of people were lined up all along Marine Drive, with cameras and binoculars, gazing off to the West.

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