That good news I mentioned

I recently mentioned that I had received good news about my writing, but that I’d wait to post the specifics until it was more definite. Since then I’ve received and approved the edited proof of my story, and it’s going to be published at the end of May.

The venue is Electric Spec, a fairly established (in its sixth year) online science fiction, fantasy and horror periodical. My story isn’t online yet but you’ll be able to see it at — of course I’ll post a more direct link once it’s available.

The story is called “Remodel With Swan Parts.” It’s near-future science fiction set in a very changed Seattle, after a point when Seattle has shifted away culturally from the rest of the country. It’s one of my favorite examples of my own work, and I think represented a sort of watershed for me last year when I really started to “get” the kind of rich and vivid detail needed to bring a story to life. When I finished it, my wife Lena asserted with absolute certainty that it would be my first story to be published.

I won’t give away anything else about the story yet, but of course I’ll mention it again here by the time it’s available to read. I’m hard at work creating new stories and making them as wonderful as I can, so other editors will choose to convey them into the world. I hope to have more such announcements in the future.

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