My Fourth Acceptance of This Summer

Lovecraft eZine just confirmed acceptance of my story “Nectar of Strange Lips.” That makes four of my stories currently awaiting publication. I’m pretty excited about this recent stretch of fiction-writing success.

Not only that, I still have at least three other pieces on various “short lists” under final editorial decision, so there may be more good news soon.

My backlog is shrinking! I’ve read other writers describe the tipping point after which they no longer just wrote stories to increase the number of things they had to submit, but instead saw their backlog shrink when acceptances started coming in faster than they could write new stuff. Looks like I’m getting there, as I’ve only finished 3 new pieces since the first of these 4 acceptances.

My thanks to Mike Davis, editor of the always fun and interesting Lovecraft eZine. Run on over there and read a few stories for free, and if you like it as much as I do, buy some eZines or a t-shirt.

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