Blog Shift 2013

For a couple years or so, I’ve been blogging at WordPress, Livejournal and Dreamwidth simultaneously, in a setup that mirrors the same content all three places.

Given the decline of the social network aspects of Livejournal and the failure of Dreamwidth to achieve promise of same, I’ve decided to focus in on a single blog, and give up bothering with mirroring content.

I’m getting more eyeballs on my entries, partly because of my reviews posted here and partly because my own fiction writing has begun to gather more attention. I think it’s time to create a single blog, keep it organized and up to date, and make sure it looks nice. I haven’t finished working on a redesign yet. For now, I’m just using a fairly generic template.

Another change is the domain on which the blog is located. It used to be and I’ve set up my own domain, effective today.

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