Black Static 35 is Really Real

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Black Static issue 35, containing my story “Arches and Pillars,” would appear imminently.

Since then I’ve seen a number of people, mostly located nearer the UK headquarters of TTA Press (which publishes not only Black Static but the science fiction focused InterZone and crime-focused Crimewave magazines) have received their copies. It didn’t seem quite like a real thing until my own contributor’s copy arrived.

It’s real!




This isn’t my first publication, or my first print publication, or my first publication in a venue of prestige, or my first publication with an illustration. It’s especially wonderful, though. I have a very high regard for this periodical, and this is the first time I’ve held a copy in my hand (after buying several Kindle issues). It’s beautifully designed and well-produced, on nice, white paper. I think I’m going to have to get a proper subscription.

If you haven’t seen Black Static before, you might consider picking it up.

My story is “Arches and Pillars,” and it appears along with work by Steve Rasnic Tem, Daniel Mills and others. I mean to read all of these and write at least a brief report. My thanks to editor Andy Cox for picking up my story.

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